Thursday, October 9, 2014

KO Korner: G1 Transformers Headmaster "Highbrow"

Last year sometime a good friend of mine passed along a G1 KO that I've never seen before...Headmaster Highbrow! This is an excellent addition to my G1 KO collection.

KO Highbrow photo 033_zpse168571a.jpg

I've seen a lot of crazy G1 KO stuff in my time, but this is a first. Better yet the toy features a KO Headmaster figure too.

KO Highbrow photo 036_zpsdab7c0da.jpg

Best I can tell this KO is very close to the original G1 told. Even the stickers seem to be patterned after the originals. Plastic quality surprisingly is good. It's not 80's Hasbro quality, but it didn't feel like that cheap Chinese junk either. Even the cockpit hinge seems sturdy.

KO Highbrow photo 037_zps985a6569.jpg

KO Highbrow photo 039_zps89330c5a.jpg

The included Headmaster figure also shares the same good plastic quality the helicopter sports. Unlike the original however, this figure is cast in all neon green plastic. The only paint app is the silver used on the face.

KO Highbrow photo 042_zps34d5154b.jpg

Turns out there is one small difference in the two Headmaster figures. When plugged into the bodies and the chest plate is pulled down to reveal their tech rankings, the KO's levels are all equal. This means the notches on the bottom of the head are of the same lengths. The original toy's tabs have different lengths, giving him different ratings.

All in all I really like this KO. I don't know if it originally came with weapons or not, but I'd be tempted to pick up a pair and paint them yellow or olive green to match...but Highbrow's guns are the cheapest TF accessory on the secondary market to buy. Good plastic quality and some crazy colors make this one of my favorite G1 KOs in my collection.

KO Highbrow photo 041_zps771f46c0.jpg

KO Highbrow photo 035_zps917aa18f.jpg

KO Highbrow photo 034_zps6729db87.jpg

KO Highbrow photo 043_zps3635c839.jpg


  1. neat, he looks more like a fighter chopper than highbrow does

  2. The skull and crossbones decal is amazing. The look on the skull's face is priceless.