Friday, October 3, 2014

Transformers Stealth Force: Classic Leadfoot

In 2011 Hasbro released a sub series to their Speed Stars brand of non-transforming toys called Stealth Force. These toys didn't transform from vehicle to robot, but had hidden weaponry that would reveal itself with a push of a button or with a tug on the toy.

Leadfoot photo 075.jpg

Leadfoot was originally released during the Reveal the Shield time period and featured different packaging. This release was made available later in 2011 and packaged in Dark of the Moon packaging. Hasbro also added 'Classic' to his name. This version also has tampographed Autobot symbols whereas the first version had rub symbols.

Leadfoot photo 076.jpg

The Stealth Force toys are really devoid of a background story so I was a little surprised to see that Leadfoot had a bio on the back of this packaging.

Leadfoot photo 080.jpg

The car is pretty striking and resembles Classics Mirage quite a bit, however Leadfoot's deco looks very much like Decepticon Fracture's. I believe the racing sponsor Blackrock is a old G1 Marvel Comics reference to G.B. Blackrock.  As you could tell from the above packaged pictures, when you tug on the spoiler all his weapons flip out.

Leadfoot photo 082.jpg

I grew up also loving M.A.S.K. toys so I kinda dig these Stealth Force toys. I know some people don't consider these real Transformers since they lack a robot mode, but if that is the case are the old G1 Action Masters real Transformers?

Leadfoot has smooth, free-rolling wheels. I can see these toys as having a decent amount of playability, especially for younger fans. In fact my two young daughters frequently pull out Leadfoot and their favorite, Big Hoss, to play with.

Leadfoot photo 077.jpg

The packaging shows what Leadfoot would look like if he had a robot mode. I wish there was more of a backstory on these guys as to why that can't transform. Perhaps Bombshell shot all of the Stealth Force toys with his patented Fixation Ray he used in an episode of the old G1 cartoon?

Leadfoot photo 078.jpg  Leadfoot photo 079.jpg

Leadfoot photo 081.jpg   Leadfoot photo 083.jpg

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