Friday, October 31, 2014

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

I'm wrapping up the nearly month long horror movie feature with my top horror flick of all time, George A. Romero's 1978 masterpiece Dawn of the Dead. I can't say enough great things about this movie. From the characters to the special effects to the movie's setting. Everything about this movie is just freakin' awesome.


As the zombie epidemic continues to spread across the country and television executive and her boyfriend take a news copter and try to flee Pittsburgh. Around the same time they meet up with two SWAT team members (one of which is actor Ken Foree!) and the four set off to find somewhere safe. During their escape they start to run low on fuel and need to land. They notice a large mall just outside the city limits and decide to land on the roof as there should be plenty of needed supplies inside. What they find is the mall has been overrun by zombies. As the movie unfolds we get to see this newly formed team try to survive not only the zombies, but living together as well. They eventually make a makeshift shelter in the mall while trying to figure out their next move.

Dawn of the Dead is actually the 2nd movie in Romero's zombie trilogy and easily the best in my opinion. Some may argue that the pace of the movie is too slow or that the characters are stupid. I tend to disagree. One of the things that makes this movie unique if you will is the setting. Taking place inside the Monroeville Mall located just outside of Pittsburg, PA offers up a different vibe when compared to other horror movies. One of the things I found charming about the mall is that it's a real mall - not just a cobbled movie set. Check out this site for an interesting "now and then" look at the mall.

I will give the 2004 remake honorable mention as director Zack Synder did a great job with the re-envisioning of this classic tale. I still prefer the original, but you can't go wrong with the modern film either as it has a new take on the now classic "mall formula".

If I had started this horror movie feature at the beginning of the month I would've showcased a few more films. I guess I'll have to save them for next year. Of those movies honorable mention goes to:

Dawn of the Dead (2004), Diary of the Dead, Feast, Grindhouse, Jeeper's Creepers, Pulse, REC, The Ring, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), Vacancy

Halloween (2007)

I never was a big fan of John Carpenter's Halloween franchise. I've seen most of the movies, but the Michael Myers character just never appealed to me in the way other horror villains have. When I heard Rob Zombie was releasing his own version of Halloween I didn't know what to expect, but I eventually saw it anyway. Wow. What an intense ride.

So there was this big debate over John Carpenter versus Rob Zombie and which version of the movie and or Michael Myers is more terrifying.  Who cares.  I read that John told Rob to make the movie "his own" and that's what Rob did.  Both are great movies and you can't go wrong with either.  I just found Rob's version of the movie a little more, well, violent.

In the original you don't get to see Michael's family much so you really don't know why he turns out as he does.  In Rob's version you get a more in depth look at Michael in his early years and his dysfunctional family.  For me this helped set up the movie a little bit more.  I get the whole argument of we the movie viewer isn't supposed to feel compassion for the killer (who felt sorry for Freddy Kruger?) and not knowing what sets off someone and turns them into a killer is far more scary.  I get all that.  Valid points.  Remakes aren't for everyone, but if you can be subjective enough and separate the two movies and take them for what they are I think you'll see that both movies stand on their own as fantastic additions to the slasher genre.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

You're Next

Long before the WWE's Erick Rowan wore the now iconic plastic sheep mask, the mask first made it's debut in You're Next. The Davison family assembled for a family reunion weekend. Mom and Dad were happy to have all of their family reunited, but who invited the axe wielding maniacs?

You're Next is another entry into the home invasion genre of horror. I knew little to nothing about this film when it was released in 2011, but the trailer alone got me into the theater. I was one the edge of my seat through out the entire movie. Its a well written and slick movie. There are so many turns and twists to the story that I can't say much more without giving everything away. It's not an overly gory film, but it's got just enough horror type violence that will satisfy most fans. Some reviewers love the film for all the same reasons I do, while others criticized some of the story elements. Watch the movie for yourself before casting your vote of yeah or nay.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Friday the 13th Part VII - The New Blood

Are you surprised that a Friday the 13th movie didn't make an appearance before now? While I love the first film it's been showcased all over the place so I wanted to pick another movie in the series. While I'm partial to part 3 (long before 3D special effects were used in just about every new movie), but for some reason I chose part 7 instead (Kane Hodder?). As a whole most of the Friday movies are pretty good, heck even Jason X has it's moments. The tag line for part VII: The New Blood is "Jason is back, but this time someone is waiting for him!"

Tommy Jarvis chained Jason Voorhees to the bottom of Camp Crystal Lake where he has laid dormant for many years. That is until a young telekinetic girl, Tina Shepperd inadvertently awakes him from his long slumber.

I guess what I remember most about this movie was how Jason himself had a nemesis of sorts. In the previous movies there really is no adversary for Jason as he just hacks away at his helpless victims. Not so much in this movie. I love the scene towards the end of the movie when Jason and Tina go head to toe. Tina throws (literally) a lot at Jason and he takes the abuse and keeps getting up for more. Kudos to Kane Hodder here as his acting is great. In my opinion Kane was the best actor ever to wear the iconic hockey mask. During the fight scene Jason truly looks puzzled over what is happening to him. There is this sense of disbelieve that he is having someone stand up against him. Take a look if you don't remember the scene:

I don't know about you, but this was an entertaining film thanks to the big fight scene. All of the Friday the 13th movies have their moments. Some are better than others, but part VII will always stand out in my memory. As a bonus treat here is another video I found compiling Jason's kills.

Rubber (2010)

"Are you tired of the expected?"

I honestly don't know the best way to describe this movie. It's so odd, yet so entertaining. Just check out the trailer and you'll see what I'm talking about.

If this intrigued you enough, you can find the movie available on Amazon Instant Video.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Night of the Creeps

" If you're dead. "

I like to think of this movie as the precursor to Slither (2006). Part sci-fi, part horror and all 80's. I remember catching this movie back in my high school days on USA's Up All Night television program. I recently found that this movie is currently streaming on Crackle. Whether you're a fan of 80's horror, zombies, sci-fi or whatever I think you may find this movie enjoyable.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Transformers G1: Action Master Kick-Off

To open or not to open. That is today's question. It's rare these days that I acquire a G1 TF, let alone one with it's packaging. Finding a sealed G1 TF is down right rare for me. However Action Masters can come fairly cheap on the secondary market if you look in the right places.

I picked up this MOSC Kick-Off sometime last year for less than $20. I almost immediately hung this in my closet in my collection room and went on about things. It wasn't until recently that I pulled it out again.

I've run into a few hardcore G1 collectors that don't care for Action Masters. Period. I for one don't mind them. Then again I grew up w/ G.I. Joe so I'm kind of partial to the 3 3/4" scale action figure. I will say that I've always gravitated to the new, original Action Master characters over the pre-existing characters such as Prowl.

I also prefer the characters that had weapons or accessories that transformed versus the animal partners that transformed. By the time their hand gun was placed on the transformed animal partner, the combined weapon would be bigger than the figure! Kick-Off comes with the Turbo-Pack - a jet pack that also converts into an extra weapon. To me this just seems more functional and makes for a better play patter in my opinion.

Kick-Off looks great. First of all I love the orange, black and white colors. I don't mind the red as it helps break up the white and black, but part of me wishes Hasbro would have used more orange instead of red.

Now the story behind the Action Masters is that they ingested a type of Energon, Nucleon, that effectively froze them in robot mode. With their alternate forms locked, these action figures only have a few hints at what that alternate form was. Looking at Kick-Off's chest you can see the slop of a car, headlights and a front bumper. His legs also show signs of car wheels. I've always been under the impression that his alt mode was a Porsche of some type. Perhaps a 911 like Jazz?

Kick-Off's accessory is the Turbo-Pack. It transforms by simply deploying wings on each side with an optional spring loaded cannon that can extend up and over Kick-Off's shoulder. He also comes with his orange Sonic Blaster hand gun. This gun can also be attached to the shoulder cannon to give him more firepower.

In the end I was glad I decided to open up this guy as I had a lot of fun with the toy. The best thing about buying a brand new Action Master is that you don't have to worry about flopping joints! The construction of the Action Master shares a lot with a common G.I. Joe figure - the rubber O-Ring in the waist. For a non-transforming Transformer I think the guy is pretty cool and he puts me one figure closer to finishing off my complete G1 collection.

Frozen (2010)

I've never actually been skiing or snow boarding before and I can tell you after watching this movie I never will!  More of a survival horror this moving is probably more terrifying than all of the other slasher and zombie flicks combined.

Three friends bride the ski lift operator for a lift ticket on a Sunday afternoon. Wanting to get in one last run for the night the three friends hop in the ski lift and make their way to the mountain's peak. All the while back at the ski resort there is some miscommunication and the worker stops the lift...stranding the three. What happens next is the survival of the three and their attempts to get off the lift and back down the mountain.  One of the quotes on the poster is "Terrifying. Will do for skiing what Jaws did for swimming." I couldn't agree more.

My wife has often said she won't watch horror movies with me that could really happen. I blame it on taking her to see the uncut version of the original Exorcist when it was re-released to theaters. She will not watch this movie. Period. I guess the most frightening part of the movie is it's realism. The cast is really good, Shawn Ashmore (X-Men), Emma Bell (The Walking Dead). The film is directed by Adam Green (Hatchet) and the stunts are coordinated by Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees, Friday the 13th). It's a very intense and fun ride once the terror sets in. Highly recommended.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Strangers

Dating couple (Liv Tyler & Scott Speedman) stop off at the family's remote summer home after attending a wedding only to be terrorized by 3 individuals.

I don't know about you, but these movies where the events could really happen in real life freak me out just a little. I originally saw this one in theaters and I can still see and hear all the women jump and scream. It seemed at the time of it's release in 2008 there weren't many of these "home invasion" type horror movies. Even with some competition out there with the likes of You're Next, the Strangers still holds up very well to date.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Descent

I hate this movie poster, but I love the film. This is a keep you on your edge of the seat and bite your nails until your fingers hurt kind of movie. If you are claustrophobic then I highly suggest you don't watch this movie!

The movie takes place one year after a woman vacationing with her family suffers a horrible traffic accident. Her friends encourage her to go on a caving expedition in the mountains of North Carolina. During their adventure they suffer one horrible thing after another. Trapped inside a dark cave with no real sense of direction and running low on supplies should be enough to scare you. Throw in some sort of cave dwelling underground predators and you've got the perfect mix of fear to make an excellent movie.

From the opening traffic accident scene I knew I was in for a good ride (no pun intended). Most of this movie takes place in a dark cave and the lack of lighting really helps the overall creepy atmosphere of this movie. I've never been much of an outdoors adventurous type of person and after seeing this movie I don't ever intend to be. I found this movie a refreshing change of pace from the typical horror movie. You may classify this as more of a thriller, but either way its a great movie.

Toys 'R Us, Breaking Bad and an Parent's Ignorance

Most of my posts here are review related, sharing my thoughts and opinions on toys, comics, video games, etc. I rarely use this outlet to share my opinion on current events, but I had to say something here.

A Florida mom has recently taken to and launched a petition after seeing Breaking Bad action figures for sale at her local Toys 'R Us. She claims the toys are unfit for children and thinks they have no place in the store.

Toys 'R Us told NBC News that "the product packaging clearly notes that the items are intended for ages 15 and up" and "are located in the adult action figure area of our stores."

Now as an avid shopper of TRU I can say that I've seen these Breaking Bad figures. I thought nothing of them as they are usually displayed alongside of horror movie, video game and other collectibles that are aimed at adults. Being a parent myself of course I'd never buy these for my children. If my daughters are with me shopping at TRU, this is usually the one aisle that I skip. Even if I'm shopping alone I usually skip this aisle as most of these types of figures I don't collect.

What really gets me is (some) parents as well as the media in general just can't accept that some adults actually collect action figures and such. They don't understand that adults without kids shop at TRU just as much (if not more) than parents with kids.

The Today Show recently had a short discussion on this topic and as much as I love Matt, Al and the rest of the cast, they too seem blind to the fact that these aren't marketed towards kids! Hoda's comment about seeing the figures, excuse me dolls, alongside "Thomas the truck" just shows her ignorance.

I know parents are trying to safeguard their children from certain things in this world, and I applaud those parents. There are just as many parents on the opposite end of the spectrum that don't seem to give a rip about what their children partake. However the ignorance I'm referring to is the thought that just because something is called or labeled a toy or an action figure then its meant for kids.

I see this same parental ignorance movies, television, music, books (manga, comics) and especially video games. Just because it's animated or looks cartoon-ish doesn't mean its for kids or marketed for kids people!

So what is TRU supposed to do now? Pull everything that a certain segment of the parental population disagrees with? What about all of the Mature rated video games TRU sells? Why isn't this Florida mom up in arms that her children saw a M rated video game alongside the newest Mario Bros. game?

Walmart stores also carry these Breaking Bad figures. Is Walmart going to follow suit and remove them? Or is Walmart too big to worry about a few thousand signatures?

TRU is already hurting thanks to kids not having that traditional play pattern that you or I may have had growing up. Toy companies are having to compete with technology and gadgets now. It also seems that kids just don't have the same level of imagination as kids once did. I believe this is one of the reasons why toy companies are started marketing certain items towards adults. These companies understand there is a whole market of adult collectors and they are more than willing to open up their wallets and spend money on collectibles such as Breaking Bad figures.

I'm not making an argument for these Breaking Bad figures. I'm not saying that a figure with a bag of Crystal Meth is cool. I'm just saying these figures along with plenty of others have every right to be on retail shelves as do Transformers and Barbies. Parents, if you don't like it or think it's appropriate for your children, then keep on walking.

So to counter balance this petition to have TRU stores remove these adult collectibles, here is a petition to keep them on shelves...or at least bring them back as it appears some stores have already started to remove them.

As a toy collecting, video game playing, comic book reading parent I try to be as level headed as possible. While the majority of my interests aren't controversial, I do make sure that my children aren't reading (or watching) The Walking Dead or that I'm playing a shooter like Halo when they are around. I try to practice something called Common Sense. More parents ought to try it.


Zombieland...the last movie I saw in the theaters before I became a dad! For several reasons I'll always love this movie. Finding the perfect match of humor and gore can be hard to find, but every once in awhile that perfect marriage comes along in the form of a great movie such as Zombieland.

(Red ban trailer - NSFW?)

I'm not a big fan of Woody Harrelson or Jesse Eisenberg, but the two of them have great chemistry in the movie. I've mentioned before that mixing humor with horror is hard to do, and it's something that I don't always like. However as with Shaun of the Dead, this is the perfect blend of the two elements. Track this one down as it's a very fun and enjoyable ride.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


"They're here!"

Need I say more?  This is the movie that I'm sure scared the crap out of a lot of people in 1982...especially if you had children.

If the movie isn't frighting enough as is, then maybe all of the real world things that took place to the cast and crew after the movie was filmed is enough to effectively creep you out. This is an absolute must see for any horror fan.

Day of the Dead (1985)

Yes, another movie I had to put the year in parenthesis after the name. This was George A. Romero's last movie in his original trilogy following Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. This is probably my least favorite of the 3, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a good movie.


Just about the entire movie takes place in an old underground military bunker somewhere in Florida. A small group of scientists and military are the country's last hope at finding a cure. One of the scientist makes a break through discovery with a captured zombie he affectionately calls "Bub".

Being "trapped" in one place for the entire movie really slows down the movie a lot as there isn't a lot of variety in the scenery. Again, the movie isn't bad - it just wasn't as entertaining for me as the two movies that proceeded it. The special effects are quite good as you can see below...

...but the dialog is atrocious. I can't remember a movie where I've heard the "f-bomb" dropped so many times! If you've already seen Night and Dawn then you at least have to finish off the trilogy and watch Day of the Dead. I'll let you form your own opinion.

I wonder what ever happened to Bud?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Long before I heard of the awful 3D remake I discovered this 80's slasher gem online. I originally had a hard time tracking down the DVD. Apparently this movie originally was given an X rating by the MPAA. That didn't sit too well so the movie had to be heavily edited for it to get an R rating. I've seen still images of the cut scenes and they aren't any more graphic than other movies released around the same time.

You probably wouldn't recognize any of the names attached to this film...I know I didn't, but it doesn't matter. The film takes place in the fictional town of Valentines Bluff in Novia Scotia about a killer that took the lives off several miners and couples on Valentine's Day several years ago. You see there was an accident at the local mine 20 years ago and a miner by the name of Harry Warden was the only survivor. The man in charge of the mine that fateful night was off at a Valentine's Day party.

Fast forward to the "current" time and the killer is now more of a urban legend. That is until a box of chocolates containing a bloody heart shows up in town. It's been 20 years since Valentine's Day was celebrated and the young people are eager to throw a big party. Much to the chagrin of the sheriff the party goes on as planned. That is when the bodies start to hit the floor.

This is one of those movies that deserves being watched. Most people probably didn't know when the 3D remake was released a few years ago that it was a remake. Sometimes well known actors and slick special effects just can't top an original classic.

Cold Creek Manor

OK, technically this is a thriller or suspense and not a horror flick...but it gets you to the edge of your seat.

As the trailer says, have you ever wondered what went on in your house before you lived there? I saw this movie in the theater in 2003 and I loved it. The premise of the movie is simple. After a couple's son has a close call while living in the big city the family moves out to a rural part of town and falls in love with this old estate house. As they move in and start to renovate the old house the father (Dennis Quaid) discovers pictures and information about the former family living in the house. As they try to research the history of the family and the house they start to get weird vibes from the locals. The more he discovers the more things start to get intense. This was a well written and well acted movie in my opinion. Worth a rental.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

I've heard that some people are scared of clowns. I've never quite understood that. Perhaps it's because they envision the clowns to be like these klowns from the 1988 popcorn horror flick?

I can't help but to smile as I rewatch this movie. It's so campy, yet so much fun. The humor in the movie is great, whether it was intentional or not. Special effects, while some are now dated, are pretty good. They did an excellent job making the clowns klowns pretty creepy looking. This movie won't wow you with superb acting (though it does feature Suzanne Snyder of Night of the Creeps and Return of the Living Dead II fame), or amazing you with cutting edge special effects, but it will entertain you. This is one of those movies that personifies the 80's and one that won't likely ever be remade.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Transformers 3rd Party: Mech Ideas - Piston DC-03P

Early last year a few images surfaced online from a new 3rd party company, Mach 5, showing off their version of the Wrecker from IDW's comics, Ironfist.

I was really excited about the upcoming release and had planned on pre-ordering it as soon as they went up...then there was silence. No updates, no nothing. I still don't know what exactly happened to Mach 5, but in the end Mech Ideas ending up releasing this figure. Thanks to the good people at Captured Prey, I was finally able to own both versions of this toy, Gauntlet and Piston.

Now while I was excited about both versions of this toy, I'm starting off with Piston. He's an upgraded version of the Decepticon G1 Triggerbot, Crankcase. I figured by the time I get my post up plenty of other people and YouTuber's will have already shared Gauntlet.

Piston photo IMG_1085_zps3cbde493.jpg

Mech Idea's first releases were Apex & Geminus (Top Spin and Twin Twist) and they were part of the Demolition Crue. As you can tell from the packaging, both Piston and Gauntlet are apparently a part of the Crue as well. While the box is nice, it's a little bland for my tastes.

Piston photo IMG_1086_zps7a5d2a12.jpg
Sorry guys - this isn't meant for whiners children

Piston photo IMG_1087_zps258661e4.jpg

Once you open up the box you'll find your respective figure nice and snug in a form fitting plastic tray, reinforced with a cardboard frame if you will. Also in the box you'll find an instructions sheet and a trading card size tech specs.

Piston photo IMG_1088_zps72ca1e15.jpg

Going in I knew these figures would be small - and they are - but I'm OK with that. The original G1 Crankcase was a small toy so to me at least it makes sense that Piston here is like a small deluxe and not voyager size.

I think this figure looks robot mode. We'll get to the vehicle mode next. For a short and rotund figure he seems to have a good bit of articulation. He has articulation points in his shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees. You can also slightly move his head and toes. His legs and feet are sort of posed with a wide stance as you can see above.

Plastic quality is great. As time as gone on it seems more and more of these 3rd party companies are doing a better job in the quality department.

Piston photo IMG_1089_zps195d5e14.jpg

One of my favorite things with this figure is the head sculpt. I absolutely love it. I love the green/blue big eyes and the yellow paint on the face makes the whole head stand out. Compare it to his G1 self and you'll that Mech Ideas did a great job capturing the original likeness.

Piston photo IMG_1092_zps75a6072b.jpg

While in robot mode Piston favors his G1 self, in vehicle mode some liberties have been taken. No more does he look like an off road SUV type vehicle. Now he's more of an armored vehicle. I'm going to say this is because of Gauntlet (not-Ironfist).

Piston photo IMG_1093_zps18794641.jpg

For this reason alone I don't care for the vehicle - for Piston. As for Gauntlet it makes sense, thus it looks great. Piston comes packaged with two dark blue guns. These can be pegged into his roof attachment as if his guns had been deployed on the G1 toy.

It's not a bad vehicle mode, in fact I like the compactness of it. It just doesn't fit the character in this case.

Piston photo IMG_1090_zps74aa7502.jpg

Now I can't bring up his G1 toy without a few proper comparison pics, can I? If you measure the height of the original toy from the backpack, then these two are nearly the same height. However as you can tell Piston is much stockier.

Originally I didn't catch the significance of the color blue that was used for the headlights of the vehicle. Notice the two small blue stickers on the chest of the G1 toy? It's little details such as these that I simply love. It shows that some thought was put into the release.

Piston photo IMG_1091_zps6be7187d.jpg

The instructions showed that Pistons' guns could be positioned on his shoulders as if they had been deployed like the original G1 toy. However I could not figure out how to do that. I didn't see any peg holes for the guns on either side of his head. I did manage eventually to simply rest the guns on his shoulders to mimic the G1 look, but this was well after I had snapped these images for the post.

Piston photo IMG_1094_zpsdb05d3b8.jpg

Overall I really like this toy. In robot mode Piston retains the look and feel of his G1 self along with the addition of modern action figure technology. While the figure is on the smaller size, thankfully so is his price. At the time of this posting both Piston and his mold mate, Gauntlet, can be had at Captured Prey for only $29.00. In this day and age of $100 a pop 3rd party toys, it's refreshing to see that some figures can still be a little nicer to your wallet.

Piston photo IMG_1095_zpsdee979d1.jpg

Piston photo IMG_1096_zps4606b401.jpg

Piston photo IMG_1097_zps5c84fc9d.jpg

Piston photo IMG_1098_zps6d51a59e.jpg     Piston photo IMG_1099_zpsc1dcddf1.jpg

Featured eBay Auction of the Week - Mighty Micron Team

It's been awhile since I've featured an eBay auction, but I've got a good one here for you today. If you are a fan of Mini-Cons / Microns then check these out.


pictures courtesy of

To celebrate the launch of the Revenge of the Fallen line in Japan, several stores gave away free exclusive Microns with a minimum purchase of 2,000 yen. The Mighty Micron Team. I took me awhile to piece these three little figures together as it seemed there just weren't as many floating around on the secondary market. Perhaps poor ROTF toy sales in Japan helps prove my theory of their scarcity?

Mighty Bull, Mighty Dozer and Mighty Stra - Microns that first made their debut in the Micron Booster series. These toys were never some of my favorite molds, but I love the orange deco on Mighty Dozer and the blue police car deco used for Mighty Stra.

Since I made the tough decision to let the majority of my Mini-Con / Micron collection go several months ago, these are some of the last of the campaign Microns I have left. I've had these in my eBay store for awhile, but decided to move them to the auction format for the next 7 days. I've also dropped my original asking price and made the opening bid only $74.99.

If you're not interested in these, but know someone that may be please pass it on. I'm gearing up for a local show next weekend (Saturday, 10/25/14) with lots of other Transformer goodies. Some of these items I may offer online via a "pre-sale" next week. Any unsold items at the show will be added to my eBay store.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Toolbox Murders (2004)

Continuing my ignorance of movies I didn't know were remakes is the 2004 version of Toolbox Murders. Directed by Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Poltergeist) I had to give it a try.

From what I can tell this version stands heads and shoulders above the 1978 film of the same name. The movie stars Angela Bettis (May) who moves into this old building (the Lusman building to be exact) currently under major renovations. At this time we are also introduced to the other residents.  These include Juliet Landau (Drusilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) to even a small role by Sherri Moon Zombie. It doesn't take Angela long to realize this house is full of evil as the residents are slowly knocked off - usually killed by power tools. The very creepy and odd maintenance man is the obvious choice, but that idea is quickly discarded as the movie carries on. For the most part the movie is really good. There is a lot of mystery about the house and the strange markings that are found all over the property. The killer isn't revealed until later in the movie so until then there is a lot of guessing. Some of the kills are very clever and the special effects pretty good. I was entertained from the very beginning to the end. Recommended if you are a fan of slashers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Transformers Generations: Optimus Prime & Roller

Optimus Prime Roller photo TF001_zps3f777915.jpg

When Hasbro kicked off the Thrilling 30th anniversary of Transformers, the Generations line featured these new Legends sized two packs. Optimus Prime & Roller and Bumblebee & Blazemaster were the first two released. I reviewed Bumblebee some time ago and meant to get around to Optimus, but he just got buried in everything I was working on. One thing this blog has taught me is not to be overly aggressive with the amount of content I work on at any given time. As I type this I still have nearly 1.5K pictures that I've uploaded and need to edit for future reviews!

Optimus Prime Roller photo TF003_zpsa68046bc.jpg

I love the Legends scaled figures so I'll buy just about any character they release. Almost. This Optimus was a must buy for me, even if he didn't come with Roller. Combine the fact that Roller actually transforms and is essentially a Targetmaster just made the deal even sweeter.

Optimus Prime Roller photo TF006_zps9912844e.jpg

Optimus Prime Roller photo TF013_zpsb99fc81e.jpg

I've mentioned before that I'm WAY behind on my IDW comic reading, but I know this version of Optimus is based on the current comics. They captured his comic likeness pretty well. This toy is like a smaller, simplified version of ToyWorld's Orion figure. His chest can even open to reveal where the Matrix would normally be.

Optimus features ball joint articulation and is quite poseable. He comes with a large black rifle. As I mentioned earlier, Roller can also double as a Targetmaster weapon.

Optimus Prime Roller photo TF009_zps039fb176.jpg

Optimus Prime Roller photo TF011_zpsb819f20b.jpg

Roller looks more like a all terrain SUV than his G1 self. I believe at least one 3rd party company has made a transforming Roller toy before, but is this the first official Hasbro release where Roller has a robot mode? The aforementioned robot mode is very simple. Transformation is simple. You basically stand the vehicle up and pull out the arms. Roller is about the size of a modern day Mini-Con.

Optimus Prime Roller photo TF017_zpsb8350eb1.jpg

Roller makes a nice double barreled Targetmaster gun. Who would ever think that? In gun mode Roller is just about the same size as Optimus in robot mode. The peg you see on the top is for Optimus' gun. If Roller alone isn't enough firepower to take down the Decepticons, Optimus can add his own gun for a little extra omphf.

These toys are a lot of fun and they scale well with the Generations Metroplex that was released in 2013. To date Hasbro keeps releasing new two packs with characters such as Cosmos, Gears, Swerve and even Shrapnel. This mold has also been repainted as Nemesis Prime and was given Blazemaster, repainted as Spinister.

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