Saturday, October 11, 2014


I'm not always a fan of the "found footage" type movies. However I recently ran across this fairly new (2013) movie on Netflix and gave it a try.

This movie could easily be mistaken for an episode of CSI or one of these other criminal dramas. The movie centers around a group of detectives trying to piece together what went wrong (i.e. dead bodies) at an abandoned gas station in Nevada. The movie goes back and forth from the detectives story being told in real time to watching the found video footage. Unlike some movies that are filmed on a handycam, I did get a sick feeling watching this. If you've seen The Blair Witch Project then you should know what I mean. Acting was pretty believable among all the actors and actresses. Seems they had a decent budget to work with as the special effects weren't bad. I've seen a lot of horror movie villains use an array of things to kill their victims, but never a blow torch! For that reason a lone you may want to tune in!

It has horror elements to it, but it's not your typical horror movie. I've read a lot of comments bashing this film, but I found it enjoyable. Are there plot holes to the story? Yes, but if you can push some of the details aside I still found it to be a fun ride. The movie can currently be found on Netflix or on Amazon Instant Video.

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