Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Transformers Generations: Optimus Prime & Roller

Optimus Prime Roller photo TF001_zps3f777915.jpg

When Hasbro kicked off the Thrilling 30th anniversary of Transformers, the Generations line featured these new Legends sized two packs. Optimus Prime & Roller and Bumblebee & Blazemaster were the first two released. I reviewed Bumblebee some time ago and meant to get around to Optimus, but he just got buried in everything I was working on. One thing this blog has taught me is not to be overly aggressive with the amount of content I work on at any given time. As I type this I still have nearly 1.5K pictures that I've uploaded and need to edit for future reviews!

Optimus Prime Roller photo TF003_zpsa68046bc.jpg

I love the Legends scaled figures so I'll buy just about any character they release. Almost. This Optimus was a must buy for me, even if he didn't come with Roller. Combine the fact that Roller actually transforms and is essentially a Targetmaster just made the deal even sweeter.

Optimus Prime Roller photo TF006_zps9912844e.jpg

Optimus Prime Roller photo TF013_zpsb99fc81e.jpg

I've mentioned before that I'm WAY behind on my IDW comic reading, but I know this version of Optimus is based on the current comics. They captured his comic likeness pretty well. This toy is like a smaller, simplified version of ToyWorld's Orion figure. His chest can even open to reveal where the Matrix would normally be.

Optimus features ball joint articulation and is quite poseable. He comes with a large black rifle. As I mentioned earlier, Roller can also double as a Targetmaster weapon.

Optimus Prime Roller photo TF009_zps039fb176.jpg

Optimus Prime Roller photo TF011_zpsb819f20b.jpg

Roller looks more like a all terrain SUV than his G1 self. I believe at least one 3rd party company has made a transforming Roller toy before, but is this the first official Hasbro release where Roller has a robot mode? The aforementioned robot mode is very simple. Transformation is simple. You basically stand the vehicle up and pull out the arms. Roller is about the size of a modern day Mini-Con.

Optimus Prime Roller photo TF017_zpsb8350eb1.jpg

Roller makes a nice double barreled Targetmaster gun. Who would ever think that? In gun mode Roller is just about the same size as Optimus in robot mode. The peg you see on the top is for Optimus' gun. If Roller alone isn't enough firepower to take down the Decepticons, Optimus can add his own gun for a little extra omphf.

These toys are a lot of fun and they scale well with the Generations Metroplex that was released in 2013. To date Hasbro keeps releasing new two packs with characters such as Cosmos, Gears, Swerve and even Shrapnel. This mold has also been repainted as Nemesis Prime and was given Blazemaster, repainted as Spinister.

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  1. I haven't gotten around to getting bee and prime yet, Roller looks great for one of these partners

    1. Optimus is very cool as is Roller. Bee on the other hand..meh.