Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Transformers Micron Densetsu: Heavy Machinery Micron X-Dimension MM-09

Transformers Armada (or Micron Densetsu in Japan) ushered in a new faction of Transformers, Mini-Cons / Microns. These became highly collectible for many collectors, such as myself. Takara really capitalized on this by releasing Microns in an assortment of colors. Some of the first repaints came in the form of X-Dimension teams. Take for example the new Heavy Machinery Micron team.

X-Dimension Destruction Team photo Microns050_zps21111335.jpg

The Destruction Team was never one of my favorite teams, but at least the new color scheme Takara gave the X-Dimension team was huge upgrade over their Armada versions. The Micron teams came packaged on blister cards, however I tossed the bubble in an effort to conserve space. The entire packaging was re-used from the stand Destruction Team. I'm assuming this was a cost cutting measure used by Takara as the toy images on the back of the card are of the original team.

X-Dimension Destruction Team photo Microns051_zps32892cbc.jpg
From Left to Right: Wheel, Duster, Crush

Of these three, I only ever cared for Crush. In vehicle form the trio isn't too bad. Each of them have gears with a rubber banded wheel that when rolled, activates an action feature of sorts. Wheel's bladed wheel spins, Duster's cannons alternate back and forth moving forward; while Crush's drill spins.

These features can also be activated when attached to certain larger Unicron Trilogy era Transformers.

X-Dimension Destruction Team photo Microns052_zpse797cf91.jpg

Wheel leaves a lot to be desired in robot mode. I don't know if it's his big bulky arms, or his wide square shaped crotch, but I just don't care for Wheel in general.

X-Dimension Destruction Team photo Microns053_zpsf4a070e4.jpg

Duster looks a bit better in robot mode than Wheel.On his chest you can see the aforementioned gear and wheel that activates his pomp pomp gun feature. Duster looks more beefy and filled out.  I would think he would be more of a formidable foe in battle.

X-Dimension Destruction Team photo Microns054_zps0d86d127.jpg

Crush is one of my favorite Microns of all time. At one time I had all but one of this mold's variants. Personally I love the big drill on his arm.  I don't often like my Transformers to have something other than a hand attached, but in this case the drill works. My only nitpick I have with this mold is the other arm. It's tinier than a T-Rex's arm! Crush also sports a cool rounded shape head...reminds me of G1 Cosmos a bit.

X-Dimension Destruction Team photo Microns055_zps217867fc.jpg

If you are a Mini-Con / Micron collector then I'm sure you have these guys already in your collection. They aren't super rare or expensive, yet look great in any collection.

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