Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Transformers Micron Densetsu: Micron Wheel (Under Groove)

We have pre-established already that the little Transformers Mini-Cons / Microns are highly collectible, and today's topic is one of the reasons why.  Takara re-painted a lot of the first wave of Microns and some of them were released in small numbers at certain stores in Japan in the early 2000's.

Wheel photo Microns059_zps89f3874e.jpg

Wheel, originally from the Destruction Micron group, the Under Groove version was limited to Ito Yokado stores in Japan.  He was originally only available with the purchase of Micron Densetsu Convoy Super Mode aka "Super Pants Prime" as many called him in Armada.  I don't know what the original print run was for this toy, but the Under Groove editions aren't that easy to come across today on the secondary market.  In fact, I was never able to acquire the other two.

Wheel photo Microns060_zpsfb779ea4.jpg

Wheel photo Microns061_zpsd21dabe2.jpg

Not one of my favorite Micron molds, but at I like the Under Groove color scheme.  The "Energon" blue looks great mixed in with the darker colors.  I can only recommend this toy to the Micron completions.  If you are a casual fan then you'll want to stay away from the Under Groove Microns for the price they'll command alone and just stick with the Destruction Microns.

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