Monday, February 25, 2013

DiaRobo: Kurucross DR-0006

DR-0006 photo Dec15102.jpg

As much as I love the DiaRobo line, I finally found a release that I just don't care for.  Even when I saw the early pictures I wasn't crazy for this release.  It's not because the alt mode doesn't look cool.  It just didn't have that wow factor that the others had.  The mold is offered in both yellow and blue.  I went with yellow hoping that it might be cooler than I expected.

DR-0006 photo Dec15103.jpg

DR-0006 photo Dec15104.jpg

DR-0006 photo Dec15105.jpg

Kukucross DR-0006 photo Dec15106.jpg

One of the best things about the DiaRobo toys are that the vehicles are modeled after real life licensed cars.  Kurucross is a Toyota FJ Cruiser.  Other than the rear bear feet hanging down a bit from underneath, the alt mode is very nice looking and could almost pass for a regular Hotwheels or Matchbox release.

The paint apps unfortunately are a little on the sloppy side as you can see.  The plastic used is a thinner, lighter plastic than what you normally see, but it is on par with the other DiaRobo releases.

DR-0006 photo Dec15107.jpg

DR-0006 photo Dec15108.jpg

The good news is the alt mode isn't as bad as I thought it may be, but it still isn't great.  Kukucross does feature a more complex transformation than some of other figures I own.  It almost pulls off hiding a bear inside an SUV.  There were two beasts in the first wave of toys and sadly the ambulance/t-rex release is the best of the beasts.  By the way, the t-rex will be featured very soon.

If you are a completionist then go right ahead, but if you are cherry picking the line you may want to skip Kukucross in favor of picking up some of the others.  If you are wanting to pick up a few of these check out  The listings may say they are out of stock, but they seem to get them in fairly often.


  1. I need to look into these as I have never heard of or seen these before and am really curious on them.

    1. Best thing about them is that they are cheap! They're pretty fun to mess around with too.

    2. I like cheap for sure Colbey lol. Where do you normal get your from if it's ok to ask?

  2. It's like a marriage between the Alternators and Beast Wars.

  3. Check out, I believe they cost around 400 - 600 yen each.

  4. An SUV that coverts into a bear. Greatest idea ever.