Thursday, September 25, 2014

Marvel Legends Infinite Series: Guardians of the Galaxy - Star-Lord

Peter Quill aka Star-Lord. Leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the comics his roots go back to the 70's. Largely underused by Marvel until the resurgence of the modern team of Guardians in the comics, Star-Lord seems to be one of those characters that fans either love or hate. I for one love 'em and I was thrilled with the job Chris Pratt did w/ the character in the recent summer blockbuster movie. For me he is the Han Solo of the Marvel Universe.

GotG Star-Lord photo IMG_1063_zps0a3b454b.jpg   GotG Star-Lord photo IMG_1064_zps0eddfa92.jpg

Hasbro did a great job with this Marvel Legends figure. They capture the actor's likeness and one screen look. In addition to one of Groot's arms (I just realized when I uploaded the picture that I had previously removed the BAF part prior to taking the picture!) Star-Lord comes with an alternate head, headphones, a Walkman, two blasters and the small silver orb that contained one of the Infinity Gems.

GotG Star-Lord photo IMG_1065_zps557d02b9.jpg

GotG Star-Lord photo IMG_1066_zpse05d14b7.jpg   GotG Star-Lord photo IMG_1069_zps6dc784e6.jpg

I wasn't too fond originally of Star-Lord's new mask, preferring the version he's portrayed wearing in the comics more. However Hasbro nailed the likeness. I'm glad the opted to go with a head with a sculpted mask as opposed to making a mask that fits over the head. Having the two separate heads gives you many more display opportunities.

GotG Star-Lord photo IMG_1075_zps17a5b73f.jpg

The design of the figure is great and there are some small details that may be overlooked. Early in the film Star-Lord lays on his back, blasting away at the enemy before he activates a propulsion system on his boots and safely escapes. Hasbro included these on the figure. Nice. The red "trench coat" on the figure is cast of a softer, slightly rubbery plastic. This means the coat has some give and will allow the legs better movement.

Like all the rest (minus Rocket) in the series, Star-Lord features all the same points of articulation. Neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, waist, hips, knees and ankles.

GotG Star-Lord photo IMG_1073_zps84e9b5d3.jpg   GotG Star-Lord photo IMG_1074_zpsf35fb7e7.jpg

Remember that big gun that Rocket Raccoon came with? Well Star-Lord (or Drax) are able to wield the BFG just fine. I still prefer Star-Lord's twin blasters, but hey it's always nice to have options!

GotG Star-Lord photo IMG_1071_zps5cb2f453.jpg

Star-Lord seems to be a major peg warmer at most retail stores. I think he and Iron Man were packaged 2 each to a case (of 6). However don't let that peg warming status deter you from buying a great figure. He has great accessories and articulation you've come to expect of Marvel Legends and he's a cool character to boot.

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  1. I am digging all these Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Series! Congrats on completing the BAF Groot.

  2. At times it was hard to keep buying these, but Groot was the redeeming factor that kept me going.