Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Marvel Legends Infinite Series: Guardians of the Galaxy - Groot (Build-A-Figure)

I had to admit. I did not see Groot stealing the show in this summer's blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I figured Rocket would do well with audiences if he was handled as such as he is in the comics, but Groot? Nope, didn't see that coming at all.  I do have to say I loved the CGI for the character and Vin Diesel did a great job w/ the one line he had in the movie.

GotG Groot photo IMG_1076_zps321c3656.jpg

When it comes to the Marvel Legends figures, I'm sure the driving force behind a lot of the purchases was the inclusion of the Build-A-Figure (BAF) parts. Whether you bought a figure you really didn't want just to get the part, or just bought the part itself off eBay; Groot is worth owning.

GotG Groot photo IMG_1079_zps6b42e997.jpg

Why is Groot worth owning?

   1) He's tall and stands out in any Marvel collection
   2) He's a talking tree! (even if he only says "I am Groot!")
   3) Very well sculpted
   4) Good articulation, even for a tree

I didn't build many of the Toy Biz era BAFs, but the Hasbro figures I've built have been nice. It seems though the last few have been smaller characters (Terrax, Arnim Zola, Hit Monkey, Rocket Raccoon) so it's refreshing to see a larger BAF again. The designers nailed his CGI movie likeness. The intricate tree like texture and use of light green on his chest, back and forehead help complete the organic look. Groot retains most of the same points of articulation that the rest of the figures have, which seems like a bonus given his size and the fact you have to snap all his parts together.

GotG Groot photo IMG_1078_zpsb3288de3.jpg

For most of the movie versions of the Guardians, I still prefer their more traditional/current comic versions of themselves, but do I like this Groot more than his comic self? I think I do.

For some reason this version of Groot reminds me a little of another Marvel creature, Man-Thing. I say that because the movie Groot looks more docile and innocent than the version that appears in the pages of Marvel comic books. Man-Thing has showed a "softer" side if you will before, but be warned if you attack him or his allies he'll show you no mercy. Groot seems this way as well.

When these toys were first solicited online I knew I wanted Nova. After I saw some of the figures in person at a local comic show this summer I started to feel the urge to go for Groot. After seeing the movie how could I pass up adding Groot to my Marvel collection? After all, I'm not sure I'll ever see a comic version of him get the Marvel Legends treatment anytime soon. With the Legends being up to $20 each I can't recommend someone buy all the figures if you just want Groot. I'd go the secondary market route and just look for the individual pieces. Either path you take to building Groot, I think in the end you'll find him well worth the trouble.

GotG Groot photo IMG_1077_zps636d3261.jpg


  1. This character Is growing on me,no pun intended.I'm not a big Guardians Of The Galaxy fan ,but after seeing an episode of Avengers Assemble starring them,i'm beginning to change my tune.

  2. Groot is a very interesting character and I love when anyone explores who he is and his relationship w/ Rocket.

  3. We really want that Groot for our Marvel Universe 3.75" figures.