Thursday, August 28, 2014

Transformers 3rd Party: Impossible Toys - Bump MC-03

Earlier this year the Transformers fandom said goodbye to one of the earliest companies in the 3rd party community, Impossible Toys.  I don't think many people however shed a tear when the announcement was made due to the quality and execution of some of their products.  In my experience with the company their products were hit or miss.  The Tetra Squadron jets they did were a miss (at least for me), but their Quintesson figures were really good.  Impossible Toys' swan song was a set of Mini-Bots.  The release of these seemed to fly underneath the radar and it wasn't long before I saw many of them sold out or on clearance at different online retailers.  I happened to pick up one on clearance myself just so I could experience it first hand.  So did Impossible Toys pull off a modern articulated G1 Minibot?  Read on.

Bumper photo 100_6832_zps1d2c64b2.jpg

My choices of which Minicar to purchase were limited, so I went with Bump.  He obviously is Bumper from G1, one of the few G1 toys I've yet to acquire.  The packaging has that G1 feel to it, from the red, grid line background and the iconic Transformers font from the 80's.  The quality of the box is on the cheap side, but then again all of their packaging is printed on flimsy, thin cardboard.  Look at the image below and you can see a crease in the top right corner of the box from shipping.

Bumper photo 100_6834_zps4f8107b3.jpg

Bumper photo 100_6835_zps71f86ce8.jpg

Bumper photo 100_6833_zps49c57ae0.jpg

Overall the packaging presentation is some of their best to date.  Product images on all sides and even a new bio of sorts on the back.  No awards are needed here, but a suitable job none the less.

Bumper photo 100_6836_zpsc2ac7873.jpg

Impossible Toys molded plastic trays with removable lids to house each Minicar inside the box.  This is the only thing that really holds the outer box intact.  I was surprised when I slid out the tray to see a tiny gun packaged with the toy!  Bonus points for this addition.

Bumper photo 100_6837_zps2ff5bce9.jpg   Bumper photo 100_6839_zpsc0805500.jpg

Bumper photo 100_6838_zpsc865d613.jpg

Out of the package the first thing I noticed was it's size.  These IT Minicars are much larger than what I had expected.  I'd say they are a chunky basic/scout size if I'm using modern toy terminology.  Bump retains his G1 look, from his blocky angles and rubber tires.  I will point out that gap you see in the front does disappear when you press in his legs.  My one complaint with vehicle mode is the exposed screw in the back.  He sorely needs a sticker to cover this up.  I may slap an Autobot symbol on there as I would be surprised if ever releases any sort of update set of stickers for these releases.

Bumper photo 100_6844_zps3debe8c2.jpg

Bumper photo 100_6845_zpsd33b247b.jpg

Transformation is pretty much the exact same as the G1 toy.  Flip up the head, pull down the legs and flip out the feet.  When you go to pull out the arms however, you'll notice they lift up as they now use a ball and socket joint.  While the transformation is close to the same, articulation is not.  IT did a good job giving these guys a few extra points of articulation that their G1 selves lacked.

Bumper photo 100_6847_zps4b61c7f6.jpg

Bumper photo 100_6846_zps6a2f843f.jpg

Can your G1 Minibot pull off poses like this?

I found this to be a fun little toy to mess with.  Plastic quality seems to have been improved as it doesn't feel cheap or lightweight in hand.  You've got the look of a G1 toy with updated modern action figure articulation.  Throw in a great headsculpt a little hand gun and you've got a winning package.  I can't remember what these retailed for originally, but I only paid 15 bucks and at the price point it's pretty hard to pass up.  Check out BBTS to see what they still have left in stock if you are interested.

Now what kind of review would this be without comparison pics?  Now remember I don't own a G1 Bumper, so I grabbed my Takara TF Collection reissue of Bumblebee for the obligatory comparison shots.

Bumper photo 100_6841_zpsf11eade2.jpg

Bumper photo 100_6843_zps86def5df.jpg

Bumper photo 100_6842_zps657f2db6.jpg

Bumper photo 100_6848_zpsb38b5c28.jpg

Bumper photo 100_6849_zps8b0b5360.jpg

Please comment a I'd love to hear your experiences with Impossible Toys in general or just your comments about Bump or any of their other Minicars in the series.


  1. I have zero first hand experience with this company's products but from looking at this one I would have been hesitant to buy anything more from them.Over all it has a sloppy look to it, to me it just looks like more of a Zybots or Robo Tron style transformer knockoff.

    1. Then if this one didn't impress you wait until you see some of their previous releases. I've got a Tetra Squadron get to review, just need to edit the photos and write it up. These aren't near as bad as Zybots or Robotron, believe me...however there are FAR better 3rd party companies out there.

  2. Actually Toyhax has released a sticker set for this whole set. I kept pushing and pushing and finally they said send us your copies and we will make a set. While they are cool they don't match all the ideas I had told them about