Thursday, September 4, 2014

Transformers: EZ Collection "Mystery of Convoy" Convoy (Anniversary Clear Version)

In celebration of the launch of the Transformers 4: Age of Extinction movie toys in Japan, Takara Tomy had yet another free promo toy they made exclusively available at the Sunshine City Toys R Us store.  Given away on the night of May 16th with the purchase LA-01 Battle Command Optimus Prime, you received a translucent EZ Convoy. Click HERE for the official Takara Tomy page.

EZ Prime photo 100_6958_zps751d190a.jpg

Convoy comes sealed in a little bag along with a set of instructions.  At first I was a taken back by the overall look, but thankfully he looks much better in hand.

The campaign is called, Mystery of Convoy...but what is this mystery they speak of?  Well I still have no idea.  There is a metal pin inserted into the bottom of his foot, but I don't know it's purpose.  I've heard it was to interact with LA-01 Battle Command Optimus Prime while others have said it is supposed to work with a Grimlock toy.  I've also heard the pin is to be used somehow with an upcoming mobile app.  That aside let's look at the actual toy.

EZ Prime photo 100_6959_zpsac3c69ec.jpg

If you are familiar with the Legends Optimus Prime mold, then you pretty much know what you are getting here.  Great mold and the translucent plastic looks great in person.  As you can see there aren't any paint apps minus the silver used for this eyes and mouth plate.

EZ Prime photo 100_6963_zps597c53d3.jpg

I have to admit the vehicle mode looks a little strange with the translucent black plastic out front and center on the truck's grill.  Doesn't bother too much as this guy will be displayed in robot mode alongside other Convoys and Primes.

EZ Prime photo 100_6962_zpsc7c63290.jpg

EZ Prime photo 100_6964_zps5d605526.jpg

Comparison pics with Transformers Generations Optimus Prime legends scale.  When I snapped these pictures is when I noticed a mold change to the top of the cab, where the head flips out.

EZ Prime photo 100_6965_zps33000f71.jpg

On the Hasbro version (top), the back of the head panel on top of the cab is somewhat smooth.  However on the Takara Tomy version (bottom) I noticed a raised peg hole.  I don't recall seeing this before, however I don't own any other versions of this mold.  Perhaps all of the Japanese EZ Collection versions of this toy have this peg hole.  Can anyone confirm?

EZ Prime photo 100_6966_zps0c59c98d.jpg

Here you can see this mysterious peg that was inserted into Convoy's foot.  I spent a good time with Google today trying to find out what the purpose of the peg is, but it appears it is still just speculation.  Perhaps Takara Tomy has other events or promotions planned this year that will shed some light on this mystery pin.

EZ Prime photo 100_6961_zpsf2b2bd0e.jpg

If you are a Convoy/Optimus fan or just like translucent toys or the smaller scaled Transformers, then you may find this to be a worthy purchase.  I grabbed mine for $10 shipped from an overseas seller and for that price I'm satisfied.  Here lately though I'm seeing people wanting $25-$35 which seems a little steep to me.  I'll let you make the call on whether he is worthy to be in your collection or not.

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  1. Hello, the hole in the head is present in the following versions: Hasbro Asia and RTS, takara EZ.