Saturday, March 16, 2013

Air Raiders: Twin Lightning

To this day I still think the 80's had some of the most imaginative toys.  Cue Hasbro's Air Raiders. In 1987 Hasbro released a series of toys where the feature play mechanic (or gimmick) was air.  Yup, air.  Air powered vehicles and weapons.  It seems so simple, yet intuitive at the same time.  The series also got it's own Marvel Comics under the Star Comics imprint (along w/ Thundercats, Inhumanoids and Visionaries), but the toy line only last a few years.

One of the more iconic vehicles (at least in my memory) was the Twin Lighting aircraft.  I searched and searched for a boxed sample to review, but settled on a new, unassembled specimen sans the box for a very very good price.

Twin Lightning photo 11-19-2012114926PM.jpg

Similar to what Hasbro did with Transformers, each Air Raiders vehicle came with it's own 'tech specs' which gave a little more information about the crew and the vehicle.

Twin Lightning photo 11-19-2012115033PM.jpg

One thing about the Air Raider vehicles that was so fun was the ability build the toy.  This brought back fond memories of assembling old G.I. Joe vehicles!

Twin Lightning photo 11-19-2012115105PM.jpg

The flip side of the instructions has a combat report.  Hopefully I made the image large enough for you to read it for yourself if you choose to.

Twin Lightning photo 11-19-2012114958PM.jpg   Twin Lightning photo 11-19-2012114941PM.jpg

In typical 80's fashion, Hasbro had a mail away program that included a map of Airlandia, figures of Emperor Acrozar and Baron Jolt, 12 Tyrant missiles, 12 Air Raiders missiles and a air-launched glider.

Twin Lightning photo February2013001_zps865c5ecd.jpg

At first glance the Twin Lightning vehicle may remind some of the classic Star Wars Cloud Car vehicle.  The top half of the air craft is red with a slight pink hue while the underbelly is an off white color.  There are two laser guns mounted on the front of each pod that are can move up and down.  Each pod has an opening canopy and can seat one Air Raiders figure.

The large round orange circle at the back is the air pump.  I'm not sure why I didn't take more pictures of the vehicle several months back, but there is a small air hose that goes from the center to each side that powers the missile.  When the orange bellow is depressed, the missile will shoot!  There is also a small orange knob on the back that diverts the air either to the right or left side.  There is also storage underneath for two additional missiles.

The stickers look really dated.  I debated whether or not I even wanted to apply them since they really bring nothing to the over look of the toy.  About a week after I applied them they already started to loose their adhesiveness.

The little action figures are small.  Smaller that M.A.S.K. small.  However they are more detailed than I ever would've thought.  Not surprisingly though they lack much (if any) paint apps.

If I didn't already have so many interests I find this would be a fun toy line to collect.  As a whole the Air Raiders series isn't too large and most of the toys I've seen are very well designed and engineered.  Be on the lookout in the future for more Air Raiders toy reviews.

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  1. Wow, this one brings back some memories. I had this ship, and the purple X-wing looking one. They were pretty cool toys, if a bit obscure.

    1. That purple X-wing looking one may just be in the forecast!

    2. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

      I might have to start looking around on E-bay for the things.

  2. Nice! I ran across a few of these toys and figures a while back at a toy reseller but they were in such bad shape I passed on them.

    1. Yeah, prices seem to be all over the place. They can be had for decent prices if you look hard enough, but at the same time a lot of sellers have them way over priced.

  3. @Chris if you're really interested I'll sell the Twin Lightning for $20 shipped.

  4. Love this toy line!! I was a big fan back in the day. I had the purple XWing like ship and still have it. Awesome toy design. I had a few of the troop builder packs as well. I was disappointed that this toy line never quite took off.