Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thundercats: Mumm-Ra the Ever Living

Mumm-Ra photo eBay007-1.jpg

RIP Bandai Thundercats.  It was a fun ride while it lasted.  Right before the line was axed by Bandai we were treated to some of the best figures in the last wave of 4 inch toys.  In the first wave we got the old, mummified version of Mumm-Ra so it seems fitting that in the last wave we get Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living!

Mumm-Ra photo eBay008-1.jpg

His wave mates were Lion-O with new claw armor, Panthro w/ robotic arms and King Claudus.  You can also see a small picture of his vehicle, the Storm Chaser over on the left.

Mumm-Ra photo eBay009-1.jpg

Not only is this version of a Mumm-Ra pretty hefty for a 4 inch figure, but he has demon like wings attached!  His lone accessory is this curved sword.  The figure features pretty impressive articulation.  Hinge joints are located in the shoulders, elbows and the knees are double hinged.  His lower outfit does hinder some of the leg articulation, but not to the point where it ruins the playability of the figure.  Like with the larger scaled Mumm-Ra figure, his hands are gigantic!  He has no trouble wielding his sword however.

Mumm-Ra photo eBay010.jpg

This last wave of figures was hard to find at retail in most places so I feel fortunate that I found him.  In fact, by the time one of area Walmarts got this wave in stock, they had already clearanced the entire line of toys!  Granted the clearance price of $5 wasn't all that discounted, I'm still glad I grabbed this figure as it helped round out my 4 inch Bandai Thundercats collection.

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  1. I actually had this one for a very short time but passed it along to a few toy blogger who was needing it for his collection. It would been fun to have seen were this line would of went too if it was successful like the original line was.