Tuesday, March 12, 2013

GoBots: Baron von Joy

I've blogged about Rock Lords and Machine Robo, but I believe this is my first GoBots post.  I know a lot of Transformers fan looked down upon the GoBots brand, but Bandai had some good designs.  Sadly Tonka didn't help with a lot of their decisions.  That said there are a few GoBots toys that I still like so in the near future you'll see more.  For now, let's take a look at the Super GoBot, Baron von Joy!

Baron von Joy photo Dec15069.jpg

This box has seen better days, but I love the art work used for the box's exterior so I wanted a boxed sample.  Thankfully I found this one for a mere $5.

Baron von Joy photo Dec15071.jpg

The front of the box opens like a book to reveal a look at the actual toy as well as the GoBots story.  I'll gloss over the story so we can get on to the meat and potatoes.

Baron von Joy photo Dec15070.jpg

The back of the box shows the transformation instructions as well as a cross sell of the other Super GoBots available in the same series.

Baron von Joy photo Dec15086.jpg

The included sticker sheet is rather small and simple.  One thing I like about these stickers are the fact they are printed on clear plastic.  They remind me a lot of the stickers that came with the old G.I. Joe vehicles.

Baron von Joy photo Dec15072.jpg

Baron von Joy photo Dec15073.jpg   Baron von Joy photo Dec15075.jpg

Baron von Joy photo Dec15074.jpg

I always liked Baron von Joy as a kid.  Maybe it was because he transformed into a Porshe.  The robot mode isn't bad, but when compared to Transformers of similar size the toy really falls short.  First off I have to address the robot head...or lack there of.  I'm sorry, but this is just silly looking.  I'm kinda surprised they even have him green stickers for the eyes.  The arms aren't too bad.  He has claws instead of hands/fists and the arms only bend at the elbow.  The lower half of the robot looks like a Transformer.  What I mean by that is the legs look normal, no funny stuff here.

Baron von Joy photo Dec15076.jpg

Most of the Super GoBot toys didn't include accessories, in fact he is just 1 of 2 that came with a gun.  Depending on how you look at the gun, there is a peg on the top/bottom that can fit inside the side of his claw hand.  It's not that great, but at least he has a gun to wield.

Baron von Joy photo Dec15077.jpg   Baron von Joy photo Dec15078.jpg

Baron von Joy photo Dec15079.jpg   Baron von Joy photo Dec15080.jpg

Vehicle mode is where Baron von Joy really shines.  One thing GoBots had going for them was the fact that most of them were made of die-cast metal.  While I'm not the biggest fan of die-cast metal toys, there is just something about picking up a small robot that has some heft to it.  Baron von Joy is modeled after a real world Porsche 930.  What kid in the 80's wouldn't find this car appealing?  The combination of the metallic silver paint with black trim and chromed wheels is sexy.

Baron von Joy photo Dec15084.jpg

Where as he looks goofy wielding his gun in robot mode, I like the fact that the gun fits snuggly on top of the vehicle.

Baron von Joy photo Dec15082.jpg

Baron von Joy photo Dec15083.jpg

While the regular Gobots were rather small, near HotWheels size, the Super GoBots were in scale with the 1984/85 Transformers G1 Autobot cars.  This I like.  However it's amazing to see Baron von Joy with this brethren Porsche, Transformers G1 Jazz, and look at the departure when it comes to transformation and robot designs.  I've always known why GoBots were referred to as the "poor man's Transformers" and this is a classic example.

Did I have fun with this toy while reviewing it?  Yes.  Would I recommend this toy.  Oddly enough, yes.  Is it a replacement for a G1 Transformers.  No.  Taking it for what it is, I like the toy and most of the others in the series.
Baron von Joy photo Dec15085.jpg


  1. I always find it funny when someone will extoll the virtues of GoBots yet STILL shuffle their feet when it comes to saying it outright: This is a great toy.

    Face it: Next to Baron Von Joy, Jazz looks like SHIT in vehicle mode. You can't deny it. In robot mode he's not a hell of a lot better either: same low level of articulation, same bulky kibble hanging to-and-fro etc. I agree that a robot head is a bonus, but I get what GoBots were doing with the cockpit becoming the head, and think it's a clever solution that created uniformity in the line.

    I like them both, but I think the old 'I mumblemumble think this GoBot is kinda neat mumblemumble' mentality needs to be kicked to the curb. VIVA LA GOBOTS!

    1. Perhaps I didn't do a good job letting everyone know that I am a fan of GoBots. In fact I have a nice (small) collection of GoBots that I plan on sharing. I just find that a lot of the Super GoBots are inferior to Transformers of similar size and year released. I wouldn't have bought Baron von Joy (or the others I have in the pipeline) if I didn't enjoy them though.

    2. Maybe I didn't read closely enough ;)

      Keep the GoBot love coming!

  2. I love this guy! I had my original Baron Von Joy until a few years ago. I just love the name. I forgot how beautiful the Porsche mode was on this guy was.

  3. Love this! And it is funny you posted on this because am planning on start collecting Go-Bots starting with a Super Go-Bot I just ordered a few days ago and hopefully have by the weekend to show on my blog. Oh and was it you that mentioned you were interested in that Mr. Good and Evil Lego Mini-Figure I have? Let me know and I can pass it along to you if you still want or need it. : )

  4. I never owned any Go-Bots... but after seeing this post, I'm sorry I didn't. The Baron Von Joy toy is sweet looking. It looks like it's very well made.

  5. I had no idea this post would get so much love! I have more GoBots love to show in the near future!

  6. nice post! I had a grey plane gobot that I used as Star scream growing up. Lol.