Monday, March 18, 2013

Transformers: Micro Transformer American Rescue

I like to think of myself as a fan that knows a good bit about Transformers.  However every once in awhile I run across something that stumps me.  I wasn't really sure how to label this post as I'm not really sure what I have...other than a Micromaster.  Heck, I don't even remember where I got this from or what I paid.  I'm hoping someone out there reads this and can shed some light on the background of this unique Transformers piece.

 photo January25011.jpg

As you can tell from this small white box, the toy is a genuine Takara Transformer product from Japan.  It was released in 1996 for what it appears to be 200 yen.  This appears to be the Micromaster Rescue Squad.  It is numbered #03 on the front so I'm guessing these weren't really blind packaged.

 photo January25012.jpg

I'm assuming the back of the box is generic and was used for all 4 characters.  What puzzles me is the English in the top corner, 'Micro Transformer American Rescue'.  Man this is killing me!  I want to know more about this release!

 photo January25013.jpg
Top of the box
 photo January25014.jpg
Side of the box
Inside each box is one Micromaster Transformer and one puzzle piece.  Yeah.  Odd, isn't it?

 photo January25018.jpg

The puzzle piece is large and made of very thin cardboard.  It appears to make a scene of a downtown city where the rescue themed vehicles are helping the local residents.

 photo January25019.jpg

The polybagged Transformer doesn't appear to be any different than his American counterpart, Red Hot.  This just adds to my confusion.  Perhaps these aren't part of the Transformers brand after all?  If you know ANYTHING about this release, then please share in the comments.


  1. I sent pictures of these to one of my friends that know a bit about Transformers/Diaclone and such as well as reads a little of Japanese and he says that it's just "American Style" rescue and cop cars and is noted on the box. I guess this a Candy Toy as well.

  2. I guess too these were sold at 200 Yen which is less than $3 am told by my friend as well. I hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for passing this on to your friend.

    2. No problem Colbey I just hope this helped you out. : )

  3. Down the bottom right corner of the box, it states that it came with some 'ramune' which is a sherbet lolly. I'd say that it was a random shop release, hence the inclusion of the candy. With the added plus of collecting them all and making a 'diorama' from the card piece.

    They don't appear to have names, Just what they are: Patoka - Patrol car, kyukyushya - Ambulance, Shouboushya - Firetruck and kousokutei - Speedboat.

    As you guessed, it looks like the number relates to each one. What a fascinating find!

    1. You my friend are my new hero! Thank you so much for passing along this info. I've never seen these referenced on any Transformers site so I really appreciate the help.

    2. Ha ha ha! Happy to be of service! As an added bonus, I made some enquiries and was informed about these a bit more:
      "Apparently these figures were were part of a re-release of Countdown as a "filler" because Takara suddenly cancelled the Diablock and Axelerator sets. Instead of coming with the Micro Trailers, they were given "streetscape" cards." Says my friend. And he dug up a site that had the whole set (In Japanese though).