Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WWE - 2012 Basic Collection: Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly photo Dec15022.jpg

It seems odd that I'm reviewing a figure of a wrestler that is no longer part of the organization that she represents in toy form, but oh well.  Kelly Kelly...or Kelly squared as I refer to her.  The whole Divas division within the WWE has gotten rather pathetic.  Half of the ladies can't really wrestle and are just used as eye candy or as part of some lame story angle.  Kelly Kelly was one of those Divas that often got caught up in the sideshow antics, but when she performed in the ring she wasn't half bad.

When I purchased this figure last year I had the opportunity to purchase the Elite version over this basic figure, but I just didn't care for the fabric top she came with.  I couldn't justify the extra $6 or so just for a few accessories.

Kelly Kelly photo Dec15023.jpg

She had some decent talent as wave mates, but I never got around to buying any of these figures as I'm still trying to decide if I want to continue to buy many more WWE figures.  I did notice while looking at the packaging that all of them contain an error.  If you look beside Sin Cara you'll see a different picture of Sin Cara, but it lists him as Hunico.  Guess Mattel didn't see this error either until it was too late to make a change.

Kelly Kelly photo Dec15024.jpg   Kelly Kelly photo Dec15026.jpg

Out of the package we have a so-so figure.  I believe Kelly Kelly shares the same female body sculpt as most of the other Diva figures.  Her outfit is painted directly onto the mold, the only sculpted part of her attire is the bikini top.  Up close the painted shorts just look odd.  I feel as if I'm looking at one of those painted bathing suits you see in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit special.  The knee pads and boots are cast out of a softer plastic.  Of course the knee pads hinder the knee articulation.  The best part of the figure in my opinion is how the hair is sculpted.  I like how part of the hair drapes over her shoulder while the rest hangs on back.  You can't really move the head around much and while that might bother some it's really a non issue in my book.  The rest of the articulation is very well done.

Kelly Kelly photo Dec15025.jpg

It's not that this is a bad figure, but it just doesn't look like Kelly Kelly.  The last Diva figure I reviewed was Alicia Fox and I thought Mattel hit a home run with her likeness.  This just looks like a generic blonde chick.  Also the paint apps on the face are hit and miss.  I like how they painted eye lashes on her, but her pupils are so tiny!  Did she just come from the optometrist office?  I really don't see me keeping this figure in my (very small WWE) collection.  On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, this figure is a 4.

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