Friday, March 1, 2013

Beast Saga: Killer Shark (Booster)

Killer Shark (Booster) photo Nov19048.jpg

I mentioned in my first post about the translucent Booster figures that I probably wouldn't chase after anymore of them.  Well, I lied.  How could I pass up such an excellent looking figure?  Killer Shark to be exact.

Killer Shark (Booster) photo Nov19049.jpg

The Killer Shark figure is already excellent, but I gotta say I really dig the deep blue used for the majority of the figure.  The shark head, fin and fists however are cast in a darker "clear" plastic which works well with the blue.

Killer Shark (Booster) photo Nov19047.jpg

I have yet to buy the 3 pack starter set that Killer Shark is originally found in, but after my hands on look at this figure I will be adding the regular release to my Beast Saga collection soon.  The weapons are different from the main release and you get an extra die.  I still haven't figured out the play mechanics of the game, but the more and more of these guys I get the more tempted I am to learn how to play the game.


  1. I been meaning to pick up a few of these but have not had a chance yet but maybe soon.

    1. I have a BUNCH of the regular Beast Saga figures that I plan on sharing here...just don't know when! I love these guys though. It's safe to say that I'm hooked.

    2. Cool Colbey! I can't wait to see them and I think I will pick up a few here in a few months once we get our taxes done.