Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NECA Castlevania: Succubus

Several years ago NECA made a small line of highly detailed figures based on a few of the characters from the Castlevania video game franchise.  Of course the main characters in Simon Belmont and Dracula himself were included in the line, but the one that caught a lot of eyes was none other than the Succubus.

Official NECA image

I'm not sure from which game the Succubus is modeled after.  I'm going to say Symphony of the Night, but I could be wrong.  She comes with 2 accessories - and handheld battle axe and the super annoying Fleaman.  Yes, that is the little booger that jumps around when you fight Frankenstein in the very first Castlevania on the NES.


She also comes with a small black stand, but the pegs on the stand are too short to hold the figure tight.  Wearing high heel boots, the holes are located in the gap created by the shoe's heel.  I had a real hard time getting her on the stand for one and then to stand up on her own.


One thing the designers hoped to cash in on was her sex appeal.  Fitting somewhat since succubus' typically feed on males via sex.


This figure is more of a statue as there really is only 2 parts of articulation.  The arms move up and down and the head can swivel left to right ever so slightly.  That's it.  The sculpt is great - from her hair, the wings and even her corset. Speaking of her corset I'm not sure if this was changed late in the planning of the figure or not, but her top was originally supposed to come off.  If you look carefully at her...uhm...chest you can see a horizontal line.  The top half does come off, but NECA ended up gluing this piece to the figure before it's mass release.  You can pull it off, but it'll probably damage the plastic underneath and/or leave some residual marks.

I sold off this figure a long time ago as I just didn't have a fit for it in my collection.  I can only recommend this figure to single guys (happy wife, happy I right?!) and die-hard Castlevania fans.


  1. Definitely SOTN but also might be Lament of Innocence. I could have sworn I remembered seeing her and Fleaman in that game as well.

  2. I hate the Flea Men. They appear in almost every Castlevania game for the express purpose of making me want to throw the controller down in a fit of rage.