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8-Bit Flashback: Kettō Transformers Beast Wars: Beast Senshi Saikyō Ketteisen

Up until the last few years Transformers never really translated well into a video game.  There are surprisingly more Transformers related video games than one might think, but few of those are worthy of playing let alone buying.  Some of these games never made it to U.S. store shelves and for the most part we didn't miss anything (i.e. Famicom's Mystery of Comvoy).  However Takara did make a Beast Wars II fighting game for the Game Boy in Japan.  Duel Fight Transformers Beast Wars: Beast Warriors Strongest Decisive Battle.  Is that not the longest video game title you've ever seen?!

For years I never knew this game existed.  When I learned of the game I had to track down a copy since Game Boy is region free.  I wasn't able to find a boxed copy at the time so I settled with just the cartridge.

The game is playable if you can't read Japanese, but figuring out the menus and the moves for each character can be cumbersome so I wanted to share some info a TFW2005 member gave me when I purchased the game in 2008.

I'm not a big fan of the fighting video game genre, but the Beast Wars characters make good combatants in this style of a game.  The starting line up includes the Maximals LioConvoy, Scuba, Cheetus, Convoy and Star Upper.  The Predacon line up includes Galvatron, Megastorm, Guiledart, Megatron and Artemis & Moon (listed as Predacons for balance reasons).

Each character has their own unique list of moves and super moves and yes, they can transform.  Galvatron and Megastorm take less damage in their vehicle modes to compensate for their slower speed and lack of jumping.

The character Star Upper was the winner of a design a character contest held by a unknown Japanese magazine.  It's too bad he was never made into toy form as the character model looks fantastic!

From what I know of the game the fighting is based around a story.  According to TFWiki.net the story goes:

" A super-powerful energon crystal is discovered on Earth, and various Maximals and Predacons fight amongst themselves and against one another to get to it. After the player defeats Megatron (who is always the final enemy, even if you're playing as him) in the cave of the crystal, they are shown a unique ending depending on whom they are playing as. "

In addition to the one or two player main game there are also a few different mini games, but I've haven't spent much time with these games so I can't give much input.  There are however secret characters you can unlock for use in these mini games.  Starscream, BB, DJ, Ikard and Scylla are available.

Star Upper, Artemis & Moon, Starscream and BB are unlocked after achieving certain tasks (or by a password).

To unlocked the other hidden characters (DJ, Ikard and Scylla) enter the following codes on the character select screen:

DJ = Select + Down + A
Scylla = Select + Up + A
Ikard = Highlight Scuba and press Select + A

There are a few Game Genie codes I was given, but I don't have a Game Boy Game Genie to test the codes.

01C001C0 - Unlock Star Upper and Artemis/Moon
010302C0 - Unlock Starscream and BB in shooter game
01FE03C0 - Unlock All mini games/sticker option

The game is fun to play - even if you suck at fighting games like myself!  Some of the characters seem to be easier to use than others, but again I never was good at memorizing fighting and special moves for games such as this.  It was awhile after I bought this game before I this information was shared with me so I hope this helps.  I don't think the game is incredibly rare, but it took me a while to find it and that was 4 years ago.

Move List:

< = back
> = forward
^ = up
v = down
A = Button A
B = Button B

To charge your BP meter, simply hold A, B, and v simultaneously
When your BP meter is fully charge, hold A, B, and ^ to get a hyper
attack.  To transform, press the SELECT button

Galvatron - top right
Robot Mode:
Twister Axe: v > B
Death Ascension: > v > B
Cross Revenge (up): v < A
Cross Revenge (down): v < B
Soul Drain: < v > B
Chaos Pressure (BP move): v > v < B
Drill Tank Mode:
Murderer Vulcan: v > B
Gaia Tornado: > v > A
Kill Needle: v < B
Crush Drill: < v > B
Gaia Crush (BP move): v > v < B

Lio-Convoy - top left
Robot Mode:
Lio-Shot: v > B
Lio-Tooth: v < B
Lio-Tempest: > v > B
Lio-Typhoon: < v > B
Soul Impact (BP move): v > v < B
Lion Mode:
Lio-Tornado: v < B
Lio-Cannon: > v > B
Sky Cannon: v < B (jumping)
Lio-Throw: < v > B
Planet Burst (BP move): v > v < B

Megastorm - right, second down
Robot Mode:
F. Mine: v > B
Critical Hammer: v < B
Spark Cannon: < v > B
Knuckle Bazooka: > v > B
Megaton Bomb (BP move): v > v < B
Tank Mode:
Maximum Shoot: v > B
Sting Mine: v < A
Cyclone Cannon: < v > A
Storm Bash: < v > A
Assault Ray (BP move): v > v < B

Scuba - left, second down
Robot Mode:
Scubawhip: > v > B
Electric Shock: B (repeatedly)
Scubathrust: < v > B
Surumerang: v > B
Vulcan Lash (BP move): v > v < B
Squid Mode:
Scubasmog: v > B
Scubadive: > v > B
Tail Whip: v < B
Scubaspiral: < v > A
Kraken Knock (BP move): v > v < B

Megatron - right, fourth down
Robot Mode:
Buster Shot: v > B
Tail Thrust: < v > A
Evil Impact: > v < A
Evil Slash: > v > B
Laser Buster (BP move): v > v < B
Tyrannosaurus Mode:
Tyrannobreath: v > B
Megaton Press: > v > B
Tyrannorevenge: v < A
Tyrannostomp: > v > A
Night Raid (BP Move): v > v < B

Convoy - left, fourth down
Robot Mode:
Cyberblade: > v > B
Plasma Cannon: v > B
Giga-Attack: < v > A
Convoy Driver: < v > B
Zetsu (unstoppable) Convoy Driver (BP move): v > v < B
Gorilla Mode:
Hammer Knuckle: v > B
Counter Hammer: v < A
Megaton Hammer: > v > B
Megaton Slam: < v > B
Gigaton Bomb (BP Move): v > v < B

Cheetas - left, third down
Robot Mode:
Sniper Shot (forward): v > B
Sniper Shot (diag. up): v < B
Sniper Shot (diag. down): v > B (jumping)
Rolling Assault: v < A
Last Resort (BP move): v > v < B
Cheetah Mode:
Passing Sand: v > B
Phantom Arrow: v < B
Surprise Throw: > v > B
Surprise Attack: > v > A
Delta End (BP move): v > v < B

Guiledart - right, third down
Robot Mode:
Erste Knock: < v > B
Zweite Press: < v > A
Dritte Blow: > v > B
Vierte Reflector: v < B
Megatick Black Hole (BP move): (near opponent) v > v < B
Triceratops Mode:
Proton Wave: v > B
Du-Ton Tackle: v > A
Tri-Ton Throw: > v > B
Tetra-Ton Press: > v > A
Black Hole Cluster (BP move): v > v < B

Star Upper - left, bottom (hidden character, replaces Cybertron symbol)
Robot Mode:
Magnum Blow: v > B
Crazy Knuckle: B (repeatedly)
Stealth Blow: > v > A
Star Upper: > v > B
Star Upper Kai (BP move): v > v < B
Kangaroo Mode:
Rocket Punch: v > B
Drop Kick: > v > A
Star Revenge: v < A
Star Upper: > v > B
Star Upper Kai (BP move): v > v < B

Artemis/Moon - right, bottom (hidden character, replaces Destron symbol)
Atemis Hammer: v < B
Moon Slash: > v > B
Moon Attack: v > B
Artemis Slash: < v > A
Artemion Hammer (BP move): v > v < B

Moon Attack Kai: v > B
Moon Head Attack: > v > B
Gloomy Moon Punch: v < B
Moon Heel: < v > A
Rapid Rabbit (BP move): v > v < B

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