Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Transformers Kabaya: Fortress Maximus - Part 2 of 4


Kit #2 in the series includes Fort Max's right arm, leg and ramp.  The Headmaster Cerebros is also included!



For those of you that wondered - yes, Cerebros does in fact transform!


This kit was just as easy to assemble as the first.  Like with the first kit most of the stickers actually go on Cerebros with only a few being applied on Fort Max himself.


I could give the first kit's alternate set up a pass as it looked OK, but this just looks goofy in my opinion.  What's the deal with the rotating ramp on the top?



If you look in the middle of the white section of the leg you'll see a small dial.  When this dial is rolled left or right it rotates the attached ramp up on top.  What purpose does this serve?  Good question!  I guess that Kabaya was again trying to instill some sort of play value into the kit as a stand alone piece.


Cerebros assembled looks pretty plain...but that's what the stickers are for!  His arms, legs and chest are all stickers.  My only issue is the arms and legs do have some molded details and aren't flat.  This makes the stickers want to not adhere really well.  I can see these peeling very easily and with the fact they provide Cerebros so much detail you may want to break out the super glue and a toothpick.


Like with Windcharger from the first kit, Cerebros transforms like his G1 self.  The large visor piece does fold down in robot mode to cover Fort Max's face.  Speaking of his face - it's a sticker.  Bah.

I was impressed with kit #1 - not so much with #2.  The transforming Headmaster is of course cool despite the sticker issues, but I still couldn't wait to get the 3rd and final set assembled.  Keep's all coming together!

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