Thursday, October 25, 2012

Transformers Kabaya: Fortress Maximus - Part 3 of 4


We're finally down to the 3rd and final Fortress Maximus kit.  In this set are the left arm, leg and ramp along with the Master Sword and a tiny Powerglide.  Kit #2 was kind of lackluster so what can we expect here?  Well for starters we have a small Powerglide figure and Fort Max's large sword so the kit has to be good, right?



The layout of the box is the same as the others so nothing new here.  The side panel does however show off a spring loaded launcher that can propel Powerglide (or Windcharger I presume) off the ramp!


Upon assembling this set it felt like there were less parts than compared to the first two kits.  If you can't tell that is a small spring taped to the square piece of cardboard.


The alternate mode is small, but decent.  Like I was surprised with the launching ramp in the first kit I didn't expect a similar device for the other ramp.  Inside that blue box is a small spring allowing you to pull back on the small blue block.  Push the button on the top and whatever you have on the ramp is launched off.  I should mention there is quite the tension in that small spring too.



Where I didn't care as much for Windcharger in the first set, I love this little Powerglide figure.  First of all he only has 2 small stickers.  I'm kinda surprised there wasn't a sticker for the robot mode, but there is some good sculpting for the face so I'm OK without a sticker.  The kit also holds together much better than Windcharger.  To transform him you do have to pop off the wings and plug them into the side.


Fortress Maximus owners like myself growing up outside of Japan didn't get the luxury of having the cool Master Sword with our G1 Fort Max toys, so I'm really glad they included the sword in this kit.  While the sword is large, it's sized just right for this kit.  Molded in red plastic, there are 6 small black stickers applied - 3 on each side.

We're almost there!  Check back for the last post to see how all of this comes together.

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