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Transformers Arms Micron: Gaia Unicron AM-19

I'm one of those guys that doesn't get the HUB channel at home so I'm unable to watch the current episodes of Transformers Prime each week.  I had to wait until season 1 had hit Netflix before I could watch...outside one of those mini DVDs that came packaged with the first wave of Cybertron Commanders.  Imagine my surprise and confusion when I saw the solicitation for the Arms Micron Gaia Unicron toy surface online.  At the time I hadn't seen those season 1 episodes featuring Unicron so I didn't know the background surrounding him.  At first I wasn't too keen on the shadowy pictures I saw and I had little to no interest.  Then when I finally got around to the end of season 1 and saw the big guy in action I changed my mind.



A few things about the box that still confuse me.  First off why does he have that large Decepticon symbol on the front?  He obviously isn't an Autobot, but he's not a Decepticon either.  His label sheet is covered with Decepticon stickers as well, but more on that later.  I also don't get the whole armor alt mode for Optimus or Megatron.  That aside the presentation of the box is beautiful.




I love the use of the CGI rendering of Unicron from the show on the top of the box.  Too bad it's such a small picture.  The sides of the box give you a better look at, "alt" mode as well as the armor that can be used by Optimus or Megatron.


One the annoying twisty ties have been removed this is how Unicron looks right out of the box.  My first impressions were the head is too small, the wings and large horns are made of a soft, rubbery plastic that I can see warping over time, the "hands" are lame and surprisingly the shiny chromed chest and leg pieces look really nice in hand.  Even though these parts have some shine to them, they also have this flat look.  I thought these pieces were going to be chromed similar to the Beast Wars Transmetals...but thankfully that isn't the case.


Two things most will notice when you flip the figure around.  Most obvious of course is the large Unicron face on his back.  The second is how flat and underwhelming his "hands" are.  Thankfully the latter issue can be remedied.


As odd as the face is on Unicron's back it features a great level of detail.  I especially like the mouth and chin area...look at those sharp teeth!  If you are still puzzled about the face keep reading as more light will be shed soon.


This is one of the first Arms Micron sets that I didn't apply most of the stickers.  For starters the black stickers that go on his feet didn't seem to be cut right.  I tried a few times to get them lined up just right and after a few failed attempts I just decided to skip them altogether.  The instructions also show you applying Decepticon stickers to the front of his shoulders, but as I already touched on this I again passed.  What I was surprised to see on the sticker sheet were these two Unicron faction symbols!  I haven't seen this used since the Blendtrons from Beast Wars Neo.  I may go back and apply these, but for now I just stuck with using the small metallic black stickers on his waist.

10-29-12083    10-29-12084

I believe the name of Unicron's Micron translates to Bog.  Interesting since his Micron that was included in his Micron Densetsu (Armada) release was Bug.  Bog appears to be an armored mole tank...thing.  I actually like the design...even though I'm not 100% sure what it is!


Bog's alternate mode is actually a weapon of sorts.  Notice the peg on the back?  This allows Bog to be attached to Unicron's arms giving him a more show accurate look.


The large flat rocky "hands" thankfully can be attached together to form one solid piece.  These pieces disconnect just above the elbow joint.  Each piece has a hinge type connection point on the edge allowing the two pieces to snap together.  Attach Bog in weapon mode and you've got a better looking Unicron.



Before I get into this next part of the review let me just say that this is an awesome robot.  Why didn't I say "awesome figure" or "awesome Transformer"?  It's hard to call Unicron a Transformer because he lacks a real or at least convincing alternate form.  For all basic intents and purposes this version of Unicron is a larger glorified Action Master.  I'm not sure if the designers were trying to force a second mode or not, but I'm not impressed.

This jumbled up mess is supposed to be a space cruiser...I guess.  I'm sorry, but I just don't see it.  All I see is a folded up Transformer.  With horns.  The only redeeming quality of this alt mode actually isn't even mentioned in the instructions.  Remember that face on the back of the robot?  Flip up said space cruiser and you've got...



Now the laughable space cruiser mode looks like the top of the volcano from season 1.  I should point out that I removed the gray skeletal wings for a more slimline look.

Courtesy of
I guess you can now label Unicron as a Headmaster!


I assume the skeletal wings are supposed to mimmick the ring around the planet as shown on the original Unicron toy, but I just didn't care for them so I removed them.  They attach to the large horns via a round ball joint so you can easily remove them as you see fit.

While I had some reservations going in with this figure I've really grown to like him.  Granted he'll be on display only in robot mode he makes a fine addition to my Prime / Arms Micron collection.  At the time of this post I know many online retailers are restocking him so if now is your chance to grab him if you missed out on the original pre-orders.

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  1. Great, review, Colbey! I really like the robot mode as you said and can't quite fathom the cruiser mode either. The giant head is hilarious. Though if they'd actually retconned him to tranform into a planet wih one side having huge face, then I guess I could buy it. That might actually be a tad creepy after while. But hey! Headmaster! Lol.