Monday, December 9, 2013

Rock Lords: Marbles

Being a huge fan of Transformers one might think I also like or at least had a lot of GoBot toys as a kid too.  Wrong.  While I remember having a few GoBots, I never cared for them as a kid.  Today as an adult, I found a certain appreciation for the toys, especially knowing the history of the toy line from Japan.  So while I didn't have many GoBots, I did have several Rock Lords.

Yes, Rock Lords.  "Robots" that turned into living rocks.  Even back then I caught flak from some of my friends for having Rock Lords.  That still hasn't changed.  I don't care, I still love the toy line and I'm getting ever closer to completing the line.

Marbles photo 100_5584_zpsf2381575.jpg   Marbles photo 100_5586_zps6a48fce3.jpg

Marbles is the last of the "regular" Rock Lord characters that I needed.  He hailed from the second series, hence the reason why I probably never had him as a kid.  Marbles made an appearance in the GoBots versus the Rock Lords movie and oddly enough he was shown featuring psychic powers.  Marbles rock type is that of Cristobalite.  In Japan he is known as Mask Rock.

While most of the Rock Lord characters have very interesting designs, Marbles here just looks freakin' weird.  His face looks like a sketch of something that could've been found in Roswell, NM.  His head as a while reminds me a lot of this guy:

For the comic reading challenged, that is The Leader from Marvel Comics.  He is one of the Hulk's adversaries.  See the resemblance?

I almost skipped over the listing for Marbles as the pictures in the auction just showed the figure itself.  After reading the description carefully I saw that the seller forgot to include his weapon in the pictures.  Glad I'm not the only one that happens too!  Most of the weapons for the Rock Lord toys are goofy looking, but I like Marbles' gun.  Even better I like how he "holds" it.  With his arms being molded on the inside of the rock, he can't wield a weapon in the traditional way.  Located on the top and bottom of his hands however are two small peg holes.  These peg holes allow for his weapon to clip in and gives the appearance that Marbles is holding his weapon.

Marbles photo 100_5587_zps93612210.jpg

While Marbles is far from my favorite Rock Lord, I'm glad to have finally got a complete specimen for my collection.  Getting him for $6 was just the icing on the cake. 


  1. I can relate to this. While I was a huge fan of Transformers like yourself, I too only had a few Gobots. I was a big fan of their cartoon, though I watched most cartoons that were on at that time period.

    I did watch the Rock Lords but never got into them. One of my friends did have some of them so I vaguely remember playing with them briefly. Nice post from the past!

  2. Before I even clicked on the post, I was like "Is that The Leader?" Lol.

    I had no idea that there was a second wave of Rock Lords. I just assumed that the first wave was the only wave. I guess you learn something new every day.

    1. Three waves were produced by Tonka, but there were only 2 waves in Japan. Yes, they actually did better here in the US.

      In the Japanese story Maskrock is a knight, and his squire is Magnarock (a recolor of Slimestone).