Monday, December 2, 2013

Transformers Bot Shots: Skywarp

Not to be outdone by his fellow Decepticon seeker, Skywarp too got the Bot Shots treatment and if I might say looks very nice.

Bot Shots Skywarp photo 100_5066_zps6ed5b77f.jpg

The black, purple and silver look great on the mold.  Just like how the three Decepticon seekers shared the same mold in G1, the same is true here.  However each Bot Shots seeker did receive a new head/face.  We go from Starscream's smirk to Skywarp looking like he's sitting on a Cybertronian toilet all stopped up.

Bot Shots Skywarp photo 100_5067_zps98c1f03c.jpg

The black washes out some of the detail, but there is just something about black TFs that look great.  Even when that TF is a small Bot Shots toy.

Bot Shots seekers photo 100_5069_zps2e1cabdc.jpg


  1. This is probably a stupid question, but are the arms permanently flared out like that?

    1. Yup. Part of the transformation. The arms are solid plastic that form the sides of the vehicle on all of the early releases.