Monday, December 16, 2013

LEGO Castle: Crossbow Attack #7090

Growing up I never owned a LEGO themed set outside of the Town / City sets, however there were several sets that came along that captured my attention...just not my parent's attention (you know, since they bought me stuff).  While I still don't fancy myself as a collector, I found myself buying more LEGO sets in the past few years and when LEGO introduced skeletons, dwarves and trolls into their then current Castle theme, I was hooked.

 Lego #7090 photo 100_5014_zps7a708ccb.jpg

Lego #7090 photo 100_5015_zps01d551cf.jpg

Even as an adult I've always favored the smaller to medium sized sets and this Crossbow Attack was right up my alley.  3 minifigures, a skeleton horse and firing crossbow wagon?  Yes please!

Lego #7090 photo 100_5010_zpsf65463f8.jpg

Minifigures are a big draw of any LEGO set and these two knights are worthy additions to any castle / medieval collection.  The figure on the right I'm familiar with, but the one of the left has a helmet that I've never seen before.

Lego #7090 photo 100_5009_zps117792a0.jpg

The little crossbow cart is small, but still packs a punch.  There are a set of handles on the rear for one of the minifigures to hold and "push" the cart.  Using a red rubber band and tension, you can really launch an "arrow".  The silver crossbows on each side of the cart are removeable and can be wielded by a minifigure.

Lego #7090 photo 100_5012_zpsbc80b356.jpg

If the two previous minifigures weren't enough to sell the set, I'm sure this skeleton minifigure had people buying this set in bulk.  Arm the skeleton with a mean looking sword and shield and you've got yourself a great army builder type figure.

Lego #7090 photo 100_5011_zps4f12ed91.jpg

I love how the skeleton comes packaged with his noble steed!  The legs are in a fixed position, but it still looks fantastic with the skeleton in the saddle.

Lego #7090 photo 100_5008_zps013750da.jpg

This is a fun little set and is recommended to anyone that enjoys the castle theme.  It's a plus that just about everything in the set could be used to build your army of knights or skeleton warriors!

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