Thursday, June 14, 2012

Transformers G2: Meanstreak (Power Master)


Only sold in parts of Europe in 1995 Hasbro released 4 Power Masters.  They didn't have transforming engines and that's not a typo - I meant to put a space between the two words.  The gimmick behind Power Masters was that they had pull back friction motors.  When their weapons were placed in certain holes they would unlock the engine and allow it to power forward.  Not the best gimmick if you ask me, but still a unique piece of Transformers history.

Function: Street Fighter
Motto: "I'm a fuel injected firestorm screaming through the streets!"

Meanstreak would rather drag race than fight, but he's never shirked his duty when called upon for combat. A blur in battle because of his speed, Decepticon targeting sensors incapable of locking onto him. Due to body structure and ground clearance, rough terrain reduces performance levels. But on smooth city streets, he's a devastating destroyer of Decepticons!

Strength:Speed:  10  Rank:  5  Firepower:  7
Intelligence:  7  Endurance:  6  Courage:  9  Skill:  5


Meanstreak eluded my grasp for so many years.  I was able to acquire Ironhide, Staxx and Bulletbike years ago and rather easily.  I bought all of them MOSC for I'm sure less than $20.00 each.  Fast forward to today when Transformers is a much more popular brand and finding these isn't so easy.  When you do find them they are usually on eBay with inflated prices.  Thankfully I didn't have to go that route as this one was acquired via with the help of a very generous TFW2005 member.


I don't recall my other Power Masters coming on multi-lingual cards such as Meanstreak.  Good thing TFW2005 had his translated tech specs!


Meanstreak has a great alt mode.  I don't recall any other Transformer being a dragster.  Plenty of race cars of all sorts, but no dragsters come to mind.  I love the airbrushed white on the nose as it gives the appearance of the dragster tearing up the streets.

036   035

 The alt mode isn't perfect though.  Since the toy hails from the Generation 2 era it has the requiste pink windows.  The yellow doesn't bother me as much.  Like other G2 toys the faction symbol and name is stamped on the toy, this time on the front window.


The only stickers on the toy are on the side doors.  At least they aren't as garish as the sticker on the front of G2 Megatron!


Meanstreak features an easy transformation.  You basically stand up the front portion of the car and separate the nose into the arms.  That's about it.  If the head looks a little funny it's because those are the front wheels on the side of the head.  Too bad they were molded in black plastic as that would have looked better in my opinion.

I didn't think I'd like this toy that much going in, but since I had the other 3 Power Masters I figured why not go ahead and complete the set.  While all the robot modes on these toys are very simplistic I think Meanstreak has one of the better looking robot forms.

038   039

Of all the early simplistic Transformers (Battle Chargers, Jumpstarters, Throttlebots) it's at least nice to see the idea of friction powered Transformers evolve a bit.

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