Sunday, June 10, 2012

Transformers Campaign Micron - Arms Micron Autobot Pinpointer

Continuing with my look at exclusive Transformers Microns we'll take a look at Autobot Pinpointer.  This Micron was limited to 10,000 pieces and was given away free to people who bought 4,000 yen or more worth of Transformers product at Toys 'R Us stores in Japan.  Released on March 31, 2012, I'm not sure if all were given away.


Autobot Pinpointer reuses the name of a G1 Targetmaster, but sports a different color scheme from the past Micron Targetmasters.  When this mold was initially released as Waterlog w/ the Power Core Combiner toy Undertow I was immediately intrigued.  However I hated the translucent bluish-green color Hasbro used so I was thrilled to see the mold was getting a better choice of colors.



Pinpointer has one of the best head sculpts I've seen on a Micron/Mini-Con toy.  The wings are articulated in that there is a hinge in the middle that allows you to fold and pose them out or folded back.  I personally like them folded out in robot mode.  Pinpointer also sports a very nice and convincing Targetmaster weapon.


It's amazing how a change in colors makes this mold look so much better.  I'm still trying to figure out why someone at Hasbro thought it was a good idea to use translucent plastic for these PCC Mini-Cons.

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