Friday, June 8, 2012

Transformers Campaign Micron - Arms Micron Firebolt

Takara Tomy decided to take a slightly different route when releasing the Transformers Prime series of toys in Japan.  This caught a lot of fans by surprise as the Japanese version of toys have traditionally been more screen accurate when compared to what Hasbro releases.  A lot of fans weren't happy w/ this decision and called the toys inferior...I however was happy that this different route meant more Microns!


While I have yet to share any Arms Micron toys here on the blog (they are actually stacked and just waiting to be opened) I did want to share an exclusive Micron.  Firebolt was given away to people who bought the Arms Micron AM-01 Optimus Prime toy in Japan.  Continuing the trend started during the United series the Micron is painted in gray and black to mimmick the colors of the original G1 Targetmaster of the same name.  Being that I love this mold I had to jump on this toy.



There isn't much more to say than I've already said in my previous look at this mold.  It's one of the better Targetmaster style Microns and now a little easier and less expensive to acquire now.


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