Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Transformers Generations - Combiner Wars: Bombshell

The new year brings a new theme to Hasbro's Transformers Generations series. Combiner Wars. However not all the toys released under this new theme are combining toys. The Legend/Legion/Scout/Basic size class remains, however this time around these toys lack a transforming companion. Same price, less stuff. That seems to be the norm now.

While spending some time with my wife after Christmas, celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, we did what any married couple does when they go shopping...we went our separate ways! She went to look at shoes, I went to look at toys. The area Toys R Us was still suffering from Christmas, however their Transformers selection had been restocked. Sure there were new Robots in Disguise toys I've yet to see, but I wasn't looking for those. I had hoped to find the new deluxes or voyagers, but I was happy to find the 4 new legend sized TFs.

Combiner Wars Bombshell photo 007_zps66152b6a.jpg

A quick post on Facebook asking which figure should get the spotlight first yielded with Bombshell. A very good pick too as that was the way I was leaning myself. Already owning the previously released Generations Skrapnel/Shrapnel figure, I was anxious to see how these 2 new Insections looked along side each other.

The Toys R Us where I grabbed these new figures had multiples of every figure except Bombshell. This one had a crushed blister bubble and the backing card was slightly bent. After close inspection I figured the toy and the included trading card were OK.

The new packaging is great, some of the best Transformers packaging to date. I really like the dark colors used as it makes the Transformers red type really pop and stand out. The artwork used for the packaging (and the trading card) I believe comes from the online Transformers game.

Combiner Wars Bombshell photo 008_zps4c466052.jpg

The back of the packaging features a ever so subtle gray grid, a la Generation 1. The one thing that I've noticed that is predominate on the new packaging is the number of steps involved in the transformation. Some people I've heard hate how they seem to be highlight "x easy steps" while others don't mind. Personally I don't care. I don't mind a complex transformation, but I'd rather have an innovative transformation over something will two pages full of steps.

Notice how the toy lacks a real bio or tech specs? Now this bothers me probably more than it should. Part of what made Transformers so unique was the character development. Now granted his bio (if you can call it that) does mention that Bombshell can manipulate others via mind control, but that's it. One line. No other abilities listed. No strengths or weakness. No mention of the other Insections. Boo! C'mon Hasbro, you can do better than this!

Combiner Wars Bombshell photo 009_zpse6849d37.jpg

Right out of the package I was in love with this figure. In recent years it seems as if the plastic quality Hasbro has been using was inferior to what most of us were used to. I'm happy to report that it seems the quality has been improved. The other thing that immediately stood out to me where his colors. They are spot on and look beautiful in hand. Notice the metallic sheen to the purple plastic? The deep, rich yellow on his chest? The colors match his G1 self really well. Now I'm kicking myself I didn't grab my G1 Bombshell and photograph the two together.

Articulation is really good for a figure of this size. He rotates at the waist, has ball jointed hips, swivel thighs and hinged knees. You'll find his shoulders and elbows are ball joints. His beetle "horn" has limited movement as well.

The head sculpt is near perfect and the paint apps look great. His waist, thighs and arms would benefit from some paint apps to bring out the sculpted detail, but overall he looks so good.

Combiner Wars Bombshell photo 011_zps0ec51b37.jpg

Beetle mode is a dead ringer for G1. Small, compact and sleek. The red paint apps give the insect some needed color and breaks up the purple and black. The 6 insect legs are not articulation and have very minimal movement. This is a little bit of a drawback, but doesn't ruin an otherwise great looking alternate mode.

Combiner Wars Bombshell photo 010_zps9d0dc8b8.jpg

Combiner Wars Bombshell photo 012_zps1ee1c668.jpg

Side by side with Skrapnel and Bombshell stands head and shoulders as the better Insecticon. Bombshell has the darker, metallic purple and the darker, richer yellow. Even the gray plastic used on Bombshell's beetle "horn" looks better than the plastic used for Skrapnel's pinchers. Bombshell has a slightly smaller alt mode, but stands taller in robot mode. I know the G1 Insections were basically all the same size regardless of mode, I'm OK with the subtle size differences.

Laugh if you will, but the inclusion of trading cards has this collector on cloud 9. I also hate this move by Hasbro as it'll get me buying toys I had no interest in buying. See Legends Windcharger. I doubt I'll review him, but you can rest assure the toy (minus the trading card) will be added to my eBay store very soon!

The cardboard used for these cards is very sturdy and thick. Almost has a matte feel to it. Nice to see in this day and age when most trading cards has that shiny, UV coating. The backside of the card just features the Autobot/Generations logo found on the front of the packaging. This may be a throw away for some, but for me it's another reason to buy the product. 

All of these new Generations Combiner Wars cards will be uploaded and added soon to my other project. the Transformers Bio Card Database.

The new Combiner Wars legends toys cost the same as their Generations predecessors, even though they lack the bundled small Transformer. However the plastic seems better and the paint apps almost seem to have a premium look to them. Overall this new version of G1 Bombshell is wonderfully delicious. Regardless if you have bought his Insecticon partner, you need to buy Bombshell. If you buy him and you aren't impressed, let me know and I'll buy yours.


  1. I think i will be getting one of these.

  2. I so need to find this guy. I skipped out on Shrapnel,but Bombshell looks so appealing.

    1. Purchase it here! http://astore.amazon.com/rantoyrev-20/detail/B00NYSQRS4