Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Beast Saga: Dakka BS-42

It's been awhile since I've featured one of Takara Tomy's Beast Saga figures. I've had the whole series for quite a while now and I want to eventually share each and every release as I feel they are marvelous little figures. However like many things, they just got lost in the "digital shuffle" of my hard drive.

BS-42 Dakka photo 100_5335_zps68acd1c9.jpg

This character's name is Dakka, and if you can't tell he is based on a duck. Many of the Beast Saga characters are based on Beastformers (aka Battle Beasts) and Dakka is no different. However this is a little yellow rubber ducky. He is a part of the Sky Kingdom as the green packaging and die signifies.

BS-42 Dakka photo 100_5337_zpsc8537591.jpg

There is so much cool detail built into the armor, from the propellers and the fins on the shoulders to the small jets on the side of his boots. I love the goggles and the old aerial flight cap he is wearing as well.

My only complaint would be the brown looks more like fur than it does feathers. I can't tell if his arms and legs have been re-used from another release. Thankfully the rest of the figure looks so great it's easy to give the designers a pass in this one department.

Dakka comes with a sword and shield, both fairly common and used by many different figures in the Beast Saga series. His green die appropriately has a duck on one side.

BS-42 Dakka photo 100_5336_zps7fcb96d1.jpg

The air based Sky Kingdom characters are far and few when compared to the land based Kingdom of Land Gloria so it's nice to see another bird character. Dakka may not be my favorite Sky Kingdom character, but he's a worthy addition to your Beast Saga collection.

If you're looking to grab this character, or any other Beast Saga toys now is a good time. Prices have dropped for the most part and many can be had for cheaper than what I originally paid. This Amazon seller current has Dakka in stock for under $7 with free shipping!

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