Tuesday, January 13, 2015

eBay store restocked

Just a quick update that I've restocked my eBay store this afternoon with Transformers, video games and accessories and a few other items. As always I try to price the stuff low so I move them out and make room for new stuff. Click the images to go straight to the eBay listings.

Items of interest include a Walmart exclusive Transformers Age of Extinction Dinobot Strafe. Why it's interesting (at least to me) is that it's a repaint of the awesome Beast Wars Terrorsaur mold! Bidding starts at only $.99!

I didn't stick around collecting the GI Joe A Real American Hero line into the 90's, so this vehicle / playset wasn't all that familiar to me. I found this Fort America toy in a lot I purchased and I did my best using YoJoe.com to piece together as much of it as I could. Listed this today starting at $.99 as well.

Not really a new listing, but I did drop the price by 5 bucks on this Hard Hero Artist's Proof statue of Beast Wars' Rhinox. Beautiful statue, I just don't have the need for it anymore.

I used to have a subscription to Matty Collector's Masters of the Universe Classics series. After a few years I decided to let my collection of figures go. However 3 figures lept off the shelf where they were displayed and "hid" behind my arcade cabinet. Over the Christmas holiday I reorganized a major portion of my toy/game room and I unearthed Adora and a few others. The other figures have since sold, but Adora is still available.

Flashback to the 80's with this decent NES port of the smash hit, Double Dragon II: the Revenge. I've been playing my NES games all this time on one of those clone systems. I've recently reorganized my gaming set up and posted a few pictures in some retro gaming groups I'm a part of on Facebook. Most of the comments are positive, but I was given some slack over using a clone NES. So I recently worked out a trade for a "toaster" NES console and this was one of the games included that I already owned.

You can't play NES games without a control pad! While I use and prefer the "dog bone" style controller Nintendo came out with later, these classic pads bring back a lot of great memories. I have two of them up for grabs.

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