Thursday, January 29, 2015

Transformers 3rd Party: Renderform Hawk Saber RW-012

I've always been fairly selective when it comes to buying any 3rd party Transformers related items, however some things are just worth taking a chance on. While familiar with Renderform and their past works, I had yet to purchase anything from them. Once a upon a time I owned the Botcon exclusive version of the Pretenders character, Metalhawk. He lacked a weapon and sorely needed one. Enter Renderform's Hawk Saber.

Renderform Hawk Saber photo Sale248_zps0a0a48af.jpg

Limited to just 200 pieces worldwide, I placed my order so that my new Autobot recruit wouldn't be defenseless against his Decepticon enemies. Once I got the weapon in hand I was impressed and disappointed all at the same time. Let me explain myself.

Renderform Hawk Saber photo Sale251_zps5fab556f.jpg

While the sword was well made and felt very solid, it feel as if it's just too big. Metalhawk is only a deluxe size figure and this Hawk Saber seems to be scaled better for a voyager class figure. It's a shame because I really wanted to like this weapon.

Renderform Hawk Saber photo Sale253_zps59604d2e.jpg

Renderform Hawk Saber photo Sale254_zpse7351579.jpg

One other good aspect about the weapon is the additional peg on the sword's hilt. This allows you to peg in the weapon for storage on the back of Metalhawk as shown above.

Renderform Hawk Saber photo Sale252_zpsfe8eddb8.jpg

Renderform Hawk Saber photo Sale250_zps32397234.jpg   Renderform Hawk Saber photo Sale249_zpse6615951.jpg

In the end I love Renderform's effort with this much needed accessory for Botcon Metalhawk, but it just falls a little short as a "must have" in my book. If you like this piece and still haven't purchased it, it's not impossible to locate. In fact my good friends at Captured Prey currently have the sword in stock and on sale for only $5!

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