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Transformers G1 Victory: Doryu D-325 (Dinoforce)

Doryu, the Stegosaurus of the group, may look the robot. Doryu shares the same mold as their leader, Goryu. Swap out the green for blue and you have Doryu. This is another 100% complete piece that I proudly claim in my collection.

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos156_zps774852ba.jpg

There isn't much to say about the character of Doryu. He's yet another Dinoforce soldier that is obedient, strong, but dumb. Doryu comes packaged with his Stego gun and one of Dinoking's feet. Forms either leg of Dinoking. His U.S. equivalent is Scowl.

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos158_zpsc8dd9c9f.jpg

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos159_zps2c06ff80.jpg

The downside of plastic being used for the inner tray over styrofoam is that the tray can easily become warped over time. Here is yet another box of mine where the side box flap doesn't want to close properly due to the tray inside. Thankfully the rest of the box is in great shape. I never get tired of that classic G1 grid design and the simplistic transformation sequence found on the top of the box.

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos162_zpsa3add66c.jpg

Flap crease is present, but not too bad.  Same busy design on the back that we've already seen.

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos163_zps97bcb8c9.jpg   D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos161_zps080196eb.jpg

Right and Left sides

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos164_zpsfba03757.jpg

One thing I never noticed on the shell until I got a good look at the awesome art work found on the box bottom are the two guns on the front of the shell. See the two small silver guns? Nice!

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos165_zps802f9d9a.jpg

I always figured the cards were put on the inside flaps of the box so you could remove them without having the butcher the box. The bigger question is why Takara stopped making the Tech Spec cards individual in the first place!

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos168_zps9db7f4d7.jpg

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos167_zpsd0594d04.jpg

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos169_zps4b8dc320.jpg   D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos170_zps73e620de.jpg

Doryu has a great looking Stegasaurus shell, but there are a few aspects I wish had been changed. First of all the dinosaur eyes aren't painted! Nor are the teeth. A small bit of red for the eyes and white for the teeth would go a long way. I also don't care for the positioning of the tabs on the side of his armor where Dinoking's foot pegs in. That design to hold the combiner piece just looks forced. Where the fists form additional guns when stored on the dinosaur shell, what are the feet supposed to be? Shields?

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos166_zps26b7f8a0.jpg

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos171_zps232b7a76.jpg

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos173_zps7ce5a81c.jpg

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos172_zpsb6795b9e.jpg

With most of the Transformer combiners I'd be tempted to buy two of each toy, one to use in the combined form while the other used to display individually. However I don't have a desire to do that with Dinoking or Monstructor as much. The robots themselves leave a lot to be desired. While the robot modes aren't bad, the alternate modes just make me think WTF were the designers thinking?! TFWiki calls this "beast" mode a howling monster. Whatever.

D-325 Doryu photo BlogTFphotos160_zps5e7b187a.jpg

Doryu isn't without his flaws, but that can be said about all of the toys thus far. He features a decent Pretender shell and a inner robot that shares the same mold as the leader of the Dinoforce squad. Then again people aren't collecting these toys for their individual toys. Hang on guys, we're getting ever so closer to the Dinoking post!

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  1. I've actually been thinking about getting 2 Monstructors once I get around to getting him. All of that GPS makes me think I need one combined and the other as components. Great job on educating on another Japanese TF!