Thursday, October 31, 2013

Transformers G1 Victory: Gairyu D-323 (Dinoforce)

Gairyu, the Ankylosaurus of the team, was the very first Dinoforce toy I acquired. He's also the one I'd like to upgrade at some point in the future.

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos136_zpsb0c03932.jpg

As you may be able to tell, Gairyu's box is has seen better days and I'm missing all of the paperwork. All I have is a partially used sticker sheet, and the one sticker still on the sheet is unusable as there is another sticker placed on top. One end of the box won't close properly due to the plastic tray inside that is slightly warped. There normal wear to the edges and corners don't bother me too much, however the box isn't as white as some of the others. At least all the parts / accessories are included and the toys themselves are in great condition.

Gairyu's U.S. equivalent is Bristleback. Gairyu comes packaged with his Ankylo gun and one of Dinoking's fists. He can form either arm of Dinoking.

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos138_zpsad90872c.jpg

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos139_zps281fd8ea.jpg

These additional images of the box reiterate what I was saying about it's condition. Not terrible, but I'd like to pick up another one if I'm ever given the chance.

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos142_zpsc2454061.jpg

Back of the box features everything you expect to see on the back of a Transformers box. Battle scene artwork, check. Artist's rendering of character, check. Cross sell image, check. Tech Spec info, check.

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos143_zps060755ac.jpg   D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos141_zpsbad91291.jpg

Right and Left sides

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos144_zpsd82e8384.jpg

When you look at the shell the dinosaur doesn't look at that intimidating, but whomever supplied the artwork did a stellar job at showing just how tough looking this type of dinosaur is.

When I see this art I still expect to see a large crossbow on his back thanks to Dino-Riders.  I gotta stop w/ all these Dino-Rider references because it's making me wanna buy a few of those toys!

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos145_zps64f8d3e6.jpg

Depending on the end of the box that is opened depends on which "side" of the tech spec card you'll see.  The previous two posts I shared had the front of the card scanned.  This black/white/purple image you see here is essentially the back of the card.

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos148_zps2082805d.jpg

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos147_zps85dfded2.jpg

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos150_zps397a819a.jpg   D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos149_zpsf93f9ff1.jpg

I've made mention to the breakdown of the plastic that leaves parts of the shell slimy to the touch. Usually the culprit is the "skin" areas, but if you look closely at the Gairyu's head you'll see some small spots. I even went back and looked at Bristleback and could see a few small spots appearing on that shell as well. Bummer.

Just like the rest of the Dinoforce members, his shell can hold his weapon as well as Dinoking's combiner piece. The fists in particular look cool when attached to the shell as the fist has a small gun on the backside. When attached, Gairyu has a little extra out Autobots!

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos146_zps7c4bf4ff.jpg

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos153_zps580a1317.jpg

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos155_zps67b81050.jpg

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos154_zps5e0eb0fa.jpg

The best thing about Gairyu's robot / "beast" mode is the lack of gold plastic! Yes, you know by now of the dreaded GPS and how the U.S. version of this toy is incredibly brittle. To store the toy in the Pretender shell or to use as an arm for the combiner, you have to fold the legs on the side of the body to effectively make a rectangle. At least this time around I could take a breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy messing around with the toy without having to worry about it crumbling in my hands. To date I still don't know what his "beast" mode is supposed to be. The "wings" on his back really puzzle me.  

There are supposed to be a sticker on the sides of his legs (the white rear section in "beast" mode). Obviously mine were on the toy at some point because I can see some old sticker residue. These are very prone to wear and tear due to the transformation sequence.

D-323 Gairyu photo BlogTFphotos140_zps7fc682df.jpg

Gairyu isn't my favorite Dinoforce member, but since he was the first of the 6 I acquired he does hold a special place in my collection. In fact he was one of the first Japanese G1 toys I acquired period. Bland dinosaur Pretender shell, bland robot and weird alt mode = just not that interesting of a toy, however two thumbs up for white plastic (versus gold).

Goryu D-322
Kakuryu D-324


  1. You know, as popular as the Dinobots were and as popular as dinosaurs were in general in the '80's, I'm shocked these guys never made it stateside.

    1. And that my friend is the $100,000 question. Did Hasbro really think goofy looking rubber monster shells would sell better or appeal more to kids than dinosaurs?

    2. yeah, the rubber monsters were really slack. Icepick probably being the worst

  2. Love the Dinoforce's dino shells. So much better than Monstructor shells