Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another 80's childhood staple - Garbage Pail Kids

A few nights ago I took my oldest daughter to Target to buy her a treat as instructed by my wife.  Before we headed back to the toy department, I stopped by the card section to see if anything new caught my eye.  Sure there were lots of new Panini baseball sets I know nothing about.  Football card season has started so there were several new things, but I'm still having a hard time bringing myself to buy a pack of cards these days.  I thought about buying another rack pack of GPK Chrome, but I didn't want to drop $10 on a few cards.  Thankfully the new series 3 GPK cards were finally in $2.49 a pack now?  I saw they had rack packs too and did the quick math to see what was the better deal.  10 cards for $2.49 or 21 cards + a bonus sticker for $4.99.  Grabbed the rack pack and headed on back to find a Barbie or something girly for my daughter.
I grabbed several packs of series 1 and a few of series 2, but never actively tried to complete the set (a or b) because I was building so many sport card sets.  Now that I'm not really chasing any one set, I just may have to put more focus on GPK again. I ended up buying a second rack pack last night and I was very disappointed that 19 of the 21 cards in my 2nd pack were dupes!  The collation was horrible.  I'll try a 3rd rack pack, but if I get similar results I may just have to resort to trading to fill my holes.  That said I'll list my dupes for anyone wanting to make a trade.  Just send me an e-mail and we'll work something out.
No odds listed on the pack for parallels?
Bonus sticker


  1. You know, I've really given a lot of thought about getting back into these. My mom hated them, but I loved the heck out of them.

    1. If you do start collecting them, let me know as I already have a little stack of doubles I can send you!

  2. I haven't picked up any of the recent issues lately... but I'm glad to see they haven't lost a step. That Obscene Gene card is awesome!

  3. Used to have my share of these when they original came out and it was a lot of fun to collect those back then but nothing i will do now but it is nice to see them back and popular again.

  4. Great series, I almost have the whole set, just trying to find rares now. Bought a pack of Chrome today, you should check those out if you haven't

  5. Do you have any doubles? I bought 3 packs of Chrome and I love 'em. Check my card blog for that post.