Thursday, November 7, 2013

Transformers G1 Victory: Rairyu D-327 (Dinoforce)

If you have been reading these posts in the original order as they were posted, this is the last entry before we get to the Dinoforce's combined form, Dinoking!

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos192_zps04aa5287.jpg

I love how TFWiki describes Rairyu as the idiot amongst a team of idiots. I really need to go back and watch my Shout! Factory Victory DVDs so I can remember just how dumb these Dinoforce guys really are!

If I had Bill Gates' wallet I would like to upgrade Rairyu's box. You'll see on the pictures below how parts of the white box appear to be dirty. I don't know what has caused this, but I'm too afraid of trying to clean the box due to harming the cardboard.

Rairyu's Pretender shell is that of a brontosaurus aptosaur. Your guess is as good as mine as to what his robot's alternate mode is. He comes packaged with his Bronto gun and Dinoking's waist piece. His U.S. equivalent is the Monster Pretender Birdbrain.

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos193_zpsd46757b5.jpg

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos195_zps2208f0f6.jpg

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos198_zps00d9649b.jpg

Overall the box isn't in horrible condition, but can you see how the white parts just aren't as vibrant as compared to some of my others?

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos199_zps88828515.jpg   D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos197_zps8447b4ba.jpg

Right and Left sides

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos200_zps1239d81e.jpg

Another beautiful shot of this box art. Too bad they didn't sculpt the Pretender shell's dinosaur head angled up more like the artwork.

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos201_zps1f2157ca.jpg

Here is another example of the "back" of the tech spec card. The back can be found on the inner left side box flap.

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos204_zpsb28e893b.jpg

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos203_zpscb7cad68.jpg

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos205_zpsa3551d0c.jpg   D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos206_zpsdd84c818.jpg

Rairyu is the only gray dinosaur of the group and while his Pretender shell should probably be the largest, it's pretty small. All of this teammates look more menacing, but that doesn't mean this isn't a cool looking toy. If you look closely you'll notice a little bit of gold paint on the forehead. Just like w/ Goryu and some of the others, this gold is notorious for wearing off easily. The hard plastic backpack stores his gun and Dinoking's waist piece, but I gotta be honest when I say I don't care for the look w/ the combiner part. I guess it could be considered a rocket launcher of sorts?

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos202_zps25aa3010.jpg

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos207_zps64cdde5d.jpg

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos208_zps4561d1a9.jpg

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos209_zps75b9f29e.jpg

Where as Yokuryu's beast mode fairly resembles his Pretender shell, Rairyu's beast form I guess comes close to matching the Aptosaur...or not. On second thought, it looks more like a rhino.

D-327 Rairyu photo BlogTFphotos196_zpsb070776c.jpg

Interesting enough the gun that Rairyu is wielding in his box art doesn't even come close to the weapon he is packaged with. Shame too as the mini gatling gun looks much cooler than his double barreled Bronto gun. I really can't find too many negative things to say about Rairyu or his teammates. While the robots are small and fairly simple all of them are stand out as individual toys.

Up next is Dinoking himself!

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  1. Well, if we're sticking with the prehistoric creature theme, he could be a brontotherium, which is an ancient Rhinoceros.

  2. Wow never even knew this existed. Reminds me of the Dino Riders cartoon.

  3. damn excellent. This is one of my favourit-er dino shells. A "Brontosaurus", haha.
    Now, time to whip out you D-328 Dinoking giftset? =)