Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Transformers G1 Victory: Yokuryu D-326 (Dinoforce)

This is the Dinoforce member I've been waiting to get to. Yokuryu is hands down my favorite member of the team for several reasons.

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos174_zps866d3f8a.jpg

With Swoop was my favorite member of the Dinobots, it should come as no surprise that I gravitate towards Yokuryu as my favorite Dinoforce member. There is just something about the Pteranodon that still fascinates this mid 30's guy. Perhaps it's the fact that this is one of the better looking Pretender shells. Or perhaps it's the figure itself that stands out as the best of the bunch. Whatever the reason I love this guy.

It also helps that Yokuryu's box is in great condition and he has all of his paper work (sans catalog, but I'm sure I have an extra) and unapplied stickers! (Hmm, I wonder if ReproLabels would want a scan of that sticker sheet?)

Yokuryu forms either arm of Dinoking. He comes packaged with his Pterano gun and Dinoking's right fist. Just like every other Dinoforce member his accessories can be stored on the back of the Pretender shell. His U.S. equivalent is the Monster Pretender Wildfly.

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos176_zps635d3ab2.jpg

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos177_zpsb28ea06c.jpg

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos180_zps7197fcde.jpg

Even though my pictures don't really show it, the box still retains it's vibrate colors. The white is still white and the purple and artwork really pop. Little wear to the edges, but barely any flap crease.

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos181_zps44a063d6.jpg   D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos179_zpse3ee3f21.jpg

Right and Left sides

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos182_zpsd1496b3b.jpg

While the rest of the Dinoforce members have "cybernetic helmets" on the dinosaur heads, Yokuryu seems to have a complete robotic head. Interesting.

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos183_zpsc3c66522.jpg

Love the tech spec cards. I can't tell you how tempting it was to cut the flap off so I could trim down the card to match the others I have, but I just couldn't do that to the box.

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos186_zps0c62a4c1.jpg

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos185_zpsef6aecd9.jpg

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos187_zps5e563e94.jpg   D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos188_zps7408364e.jpg

I'm glad Takara opted to mix up the colors of the dinosaur Pretender shells with the use of brown. Of course Yokoryu isn't completely devoid of green as some of his armor is green with gold accents. I'm so glad they opted to paint his eyes red as it gives him a menacing look...even though in the Victory anime he was incapable of much harm! I also find the backpack piece of his shell fascinating as it appears he has several rocket boosters to help him while in flight. Just like all the other Dinoforce toys, this shell has the tendency to be slimy to the touch so handle him w/ care. I usually pick up the figure by the dino head if I have to move him around.

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos184_zps20c7405f.jpg

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos189_zpscbf0332b.jpg

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos191_zps963044a0.jpg

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos190_zps2905d663.jpg

In my opinion Yokuryu features the best robot and beast mode. While most of the Dinoforce toys have an alternate mode that doesn't even come close to resembling their Pretender shell, Yokuryu comes close. Sure the wings are small and he's got big hind legs, but you can see the resemblance of a Pterandon...can't you?

D-326 Yokuryu photo BlogTFphotos178_zps10521205.jpg

I may be biased here, but Yokuryu is a great toy in terms of his Pretender shell and the actual Transformer figure. Great design, great colors = fun toy. If I could only have one of these guys, Yokuryu would be my man.

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  1. I keep thinking "Mech-Rodan" when i see this thing.

  2. I do love the shell. It's very evil looking; almost as though his very stare will fill you with dread.