Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Air Raiders: Battle Squad figure pack

With the main focus of the Air Raiders toy line being that of the vehicles, Hasbro did release two different figure packs for those who wanted to bolster their ranks with additional figures.  Both sides had their own respective 5 pack with each pack containing 4 generic soldiers and one named character.  Here we have the Battle Squad.

Air Raiders photo BlogampYoJoe046_zps5e63efef.jpg

While the figures are OK, I myself love the artwork used on the packaging.  Had the card been in better condition and it didn't have the clearance price tag, I might've kept him and hung it on my wall.

Air Raiders photo BlogampYoJoe047_zps495c926c.jpg

More awesome art can be found on the back of the blister card, but unfortunately it's nothing new as this art work has been used before.

Air Raiders photo BlogampYoJoe049_zpsf2972de6.jpg

Here is a close up of the 4 generic figures as well as Lt. Noble on the far right.  At least Hasbro opted for a few paint apps on the named character as the generic guys are void of any paint.

Air Raiders photo BlogampYoJoe048_zps6f38b919.jpg

In the spirit of Transformers, Hasbro gave the Air Raider toys individual bio cards.  This card in particular is more for the Air Raiders themselves as opposed to spotlighting the one unique character included.  Seems a little odd to me, but hey, this was 1987!  If a kid had one of the larger playsets, then I could see why they may want these extra figures.  With the vehicles coming with their own exclusive figures these just seem unnecessary.

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  1. Oh man! I had those as a kid. I totally forgot they existed until just now.