Sunday, October 6, 2013

Transformers Suntory Boss Coffee: Megatron

A few months back I shared a sort of oddity in my Transformers collection, a Suntory Boss Coffee PVC figure of Astrotrain.  What good is a Decepticon without his leader?

Boss Megatron photo 011_zpsb1315016.jpg

Megatron features a fairly accurate on screen look, lacking of course paint apps.  Made of a soft PVC plastic, this little guy fits nicely into my miscellaneous items.  While it's no Myclone figure, I still really dig these.

Boss Megatron photo 008_zps1f7868b4.jpg

I loved how the Nemesis ship sat at the bottom of the ocean in the old G1 cartoon, so I was excited to see this image from the show on one side of the paper insert.

Boss Megatron photo 012_zps609096b9.jpg

I originally had the entire series of these PVCs, but for whatever reason these are the only two that I can put my hands on.  Guess that's the problem of having so many dang toys!


  1. I've gotta say, he's a lot more detailed than I figured he would be.

  2. The Suntory BOSS figures are very nice. I have the whole set too and are quite complementary of SCFs since there are some figures here that were never part of the SCF line - eg: Shockwave and Astrotrain.