Friday, October 11, 2013

Transformers 2009 Botcon: Razorclaw

It seems a recent trend I've started is to document items I longer desire to keep and plan on selling in the near future.  This is one of those items, 2009 Botcon exclusive Razorclaw.

Botcon Razorclaw photo BlogampCharticon139_zps43c73a1e.jpg

When this mold was first released in the Galaxy Force series in Japan I loved it.  Looking back I have no idea why as this toy is seriously flawed.  Leave out the "savage arm" mode and Force Chip gimmick and perhaps it could salvage this toy.  Maybe.

I didn't attended Botcon in 2009 so this was a toy I had to obtain via the secondary market.  I wanted this figure so bad I made a very stupid that I still take frying pan to my head.  I traded away a MIB, complete Robot Masters exclusive black LioConvoy.  Yeah, I know...I'm stupid.

Botcon Razorclaw photo BlogampCharticon140_zps71f5cfb7.jpg

Razorclaw is a redeco Ligerjack/Leobreaker from Galaxy Force/Cybertron done up in a G1 Predacon Razorclaw homage.  A lot of people thought this mold would be repainted into Razorclaw when it was first released, but without the rest of his Predacon crew and the ability to combine, what's the point?

If you'll notice this version of Razorclaw really isn't a Decepticon.  See the Predacon faction symbols?  With these symbols and the cyber key included I believe this character has been worked into the 2006 Dawn of Future's Past Botcon theme.

Botcon Razorclaw photo BlogampCharticon141_zps3e110124.jpg

The included cyber key is the same key that came with the majority of the toys in the 2006 Botcon box set.  It's essentially the key that came with Master Megatron, repainted like one of the golden disks from Beast Wars.

Botcon Razorclaw photo BlogampCharticon142_zpsa8fcee8a.jpg

Plug the key into either port on the side of Razorclaw's forearms and it will unlock and flip down a set of claws.  Silly gimmick, but I guess the kids fall for them so the toy manufacturers keep relying on stuff like this.

Botcon Razorclaw photo BlogampCharticon137_zps9e06a82c.jpg

While Fun Publication may have done a good job with the coloring of the figure and new head sculpt, not much can really save this figure.  Both gimmicks I already eluded to really hinder this figure.  And yes, you can transform Razorclaw into his "savage arm" mode and attach to either Optimus Prime or Megatron from Galaxy Force/Cybertron series'.  Why you would want to though is beyond me.

I can't recommend this figure unless you must have every iteration of the character or you're just a Botcon exclusive completionist.  This was one figure I was so glad to part ways with a few months ago at Charticon. piece of garbage.

Botcon Razorclaw photo BlogampCharticon138_zps9ec4ae29.jpg


  1. Man I hated this figure when he was Leobreaker. I skipped the Unicron Trilogy because I couldn't stand any of the figures. I can't believe that Botcon went with this mold. Ugh...

    1. I guess at the time of his release I had the Pokemon attitude of "gotta catch/get them all"! I've got more purging to do very soon.

    2. I have this figure also. But like you I have that Gotta catch them all attitude. Unfortunately mine is still in effect