Monday, September 30, 2013

G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary: Steel Brigade

If a Cobra Viper is the next step up from a rank & file trooper, then I imagine the Steel Brigade is a step up from a Joe green shirt trooper.  I don't know if that is in the official G.I. Joe cannon or not, but that's how I always envisioned it at least.

For army builders, I'm sure this new Steel Brigade was a welcomed sight.  I only remember the "character" as a mail away figure during the original A Real American Hero line as a pseudo-customize able toy.  I originally passed on buying this new 30th Anniversary version, but then I saw how much in demand he was online and how everyone said the figure was hard to find.  It's a cool figure, but I'm more of a Cobra kind of guy.

30th Steel Brigade photo BlogampYoJoe094_zps53d31c8c.jpg

Like with most of the post-Rise of Cobra figures, Steel Brigade comes loaded with accessories.  Rifles, missile launcher, tripod, back packs and a removable helmet = win.

30th Steel Brigade photo BlogampYoJoe096_zps6d055f58.jpg

On the original ARAH Steel Brigade toy, the figure was a frankenstein of existing parts with the exception of the head sculpt.  The figure did feature a new exclusive head, but the helmet was not removable.

30th Steel Brigade photo BlogampYoJoe095_zps848429a5.jpg

Now you have a removable helmet with a non-descript head sculpt underneath...but with the olive green paint all I see here is Beachhead.  Don't get me wrong, this is a great figure and something much needed in the Joe ranks, but I find the figure a little boring and underwhelming.  I know that sounds crazy, but again...I'm more of a Cobra fan.


  1. I actually rather like this figure. He was super hard to find, but I managed to find two of them. I'm more of a Cobra guy as well, but I think the Steel Brigade guys are pretty cool.

  2. Still need to pick one of these up.

  3. Great figure I actually have 2 of them. Wish I could find the Matt trakker figure.