Monday, September 2, 2013

Transformers Generations: Bumblebee & Blazemaster

As part of Transformers 30th Anniversary, Hasbro has launched a new scale of sorts of G1 themed characters. The first wave contained Optimus Prime & Roller and Bumblebee & Blazemaster. What can you expect of these new toys that will set you back $10 at most retailers?  Read on.

When I first saw some of the solicited images of these figures I thought Hasbro was bringing the Cyberverse scale into the Generations line.  While these are exactly labeled as Cyberverse toys, Bumblebee here is about the same size as a Cyberverse Commander class figure.  This means a fair simplistic transformation sequence, light on the paint apps and just a few accessories.  I'm happy to say however that even a new Bumblebee toy has managed to surprise me as being a good, fun Transformer toy.

One of the things I like most about these new Generations 2 packs are the included Targetmaster if you will, robots.  Blazemaster here shares his name with another small helicopter from the G1 series.  I'm thinking the blue was used for Blazemaster as a homage of sorts to G1 Bumblebee Action Master's helicopter back pack accessory.  I could be wrong, but it just seems obvious.

Blazemaster is small.  I like to think of him as Micromaster small or Mini-Con small, but I didn't think of grabbing any of those toys to make an actual size comparison.  

To transform Blazemaster into his robot form, you basically just unfold him.  The helicopter's cockpit forms the legs and the tail section folds back to reveal the rest of the robot.  Think G1 here.  What I mean by that is don't expect the same level of articulation that Bumblebee features.  You can basically rotate his arms around...that's it.

Blazemaster is a Targetmaster of sorts which I find really fascinating.  He can transform into a gun that Bumblebee can wield in both robot and vehicle modes!

Bumblebee has lost his iconic G1 Volkswagon Beetle form, yet he retains that very familiar "round yellow" look.  The designers have done a great job with this figure.  Just look at the's dead on for G1.  Transformation was a little more complex than what I imagined it would be, but not so difficult that you can't figure it out without using the included instructions.

Blazemaster convincingly forms a good Targetmaster style hand gun.  While a tad on the large size for the figure, Bumblebee looks ready to go toe to toe with the Decepticons.

Remove the blades from Blazemaster and now Bumblebee can be armed even in car mode!  Bee's new vehicle mode doesn't seem to be modeled after any real world vehicle that I know of.  Instead you have a generic looking hatchback style car.  I'm guess the red hood stripes were added to break up the yellow.  I don't hate the red, but I don't love it either.

Overall I like this toy...which says a lot since there are a million new Bumblebee toys released these days.  I'm not sure where I'll have him displayed yet (maybe w/ the new Metroplex?), but this is one Bumblebee that I don't mind having in my collection.


  1. Looks good but its a shame he is not a VW Beetle anymore maybe that could of shot for a Ford Focus or something even smaller.