Saturday, September 7, 2013

GI Joe 30th Anniversary: Cobra Hazard Viper

It's hard to believe the G.I. Joe scale that I grew up with (3 3/4") has already celebrated their 30th anniversary.  Man I feel old!  The one good thing about the anniversary was Hasbro released some of the best figures to date.  Sadly the line was no where as large as the 25th anniversary line of figures and vehicles.  One of the best figures to come out of the line, in my opinion, was the new Cobra Hazard Viper.

We all know that Cobra is a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the why should chemical warfare be off the table?  While the original A Real American Hero line had some crazy henchmen (Toxo Viper), the Hazard Viper looks a little more realistic...thus scary.  

The figure itself was based on the Lava Viper from the Rise of Cobra movie line.  The Lava Viper was included with the small vehicle, the Lava Pod, and was not widely released.  For that reason alone this was basically a new figure for a lot of Joe and Cobra fans.  I love the baggy outfit, the not too bright orange and of course all the gear included.

Included is a removable helmet w/ breathing apparatus, backpack, clear flexible hose, rifle, 2 pistols, injection gun, suitcase with 3 toxic vials and figure stand.

Even the back pack is impressive.  Since the little vials are turquoise I'm guessing the tanks on the back pack are toxic as well.  This is one Viper I wouldn't want to tick off!  He also comes with a clear flexible tubing that connects to the top of the back pack and plugs into the rifle.  Thankfully it's fairly this case I had to wrap it around the back pack so it would be out of the way.

If you like to troop build your Vipers, you can give him a little customization by removing the back pack, helmet and breathing apparatus.  In traditional Cobra fashion, the lower portion of the face is hidden by a mask.

With the Hazard Viper being a little different he stands out from most of the other Cobra Vipers and troopers...and I like it.  I recently parted ways with my loose G.I. Joe collection and it was hard letting this guy go, but at least I still have a beautiful sealed specimen displayed on my wall.  Great figure, lots of gear and something a little different make this figure a must have.


  1. You know, I wasn't enamored with these guys at first. They just seemed so bulky. But that quickly changed once I got my hands on one. I eventually wound up with four of them. They're great figures.

    1. I had the ROC Lava Viper so I already loved the base figure. Throw in the haz mat orange and all those cool accessories and I was sold.

  2. Missed out on this one but maybe i will pick him up someday.

    1. I just sold my loose version on eBay and he sold for less than $ he shouldn't be too hard to find when you're ready.