Monday, September 9, 2013

GI Joe 30th Anniversary: Iron Grenadier

When I was a kid I loved the idea of Destro splitting off from Cobra and going on his own.  Building his own army of Iron Grenadier troopers was a great concept and one that I latched onto rather quickly.  While this figure lacks the classic Destro faction symbol he used to use, it's still a menacing looking character within Cobra's ranks.  I've never been much of an army builder when it comes to the toys, but the 30th anniversary rendition of the classic Iron Grenadier was tough to turn down.

Not only is the new Iron Grenadier all beefed up, but just take a look at all of his weapons and gear!  Large rifle, check.  Standard bayonet rifle, check.  Removable ammo clip and stand, check.  Ammo belt with ammo box, check.  Backpack, check.  Ready to take on the Joes, check.

I should also mention this figure first made his appearance in the Pursuit of Cobra line.  There are a few changes made for the 30th Anniversary release, but I really don't think fans cared that much as it made a army builder character that much easier to acquire.

Hasbro did an excellent job casting a new head for the Iron Grenadier.  It's updated, yet remains true to the original A Real American Hero toy.  Gone is the black and red on the helmet and replaced with a gun metal gray with gold accents.  Love it.

The new armor bits really push this figure over the edge from being really good to fantastic.  If I had kept my loose G.I. Joe collection I would have done my best to have added several of this figure to the Cobra ranks.  Whether you're a Destro fan, Cobra fan or just a fan of great action figures, this is one you must track down for your collection.


  1. I've been back and forth on this guy. I only have the one of this figure, but he's much improved over the Grenadiers that came in the two packs. I think that what turns me off is the huge weapon. I can't get the ammo belt to stay in.

    1. Yeah, I don't know how he's supposed to hold that large gun either...

  2. There nice and even had one but i ended up trading it to someone because it was incomplete.

  3. That is definitely a smart gun from the movie aliens. Not a long rifle. Drake and Vasquez used it. Just some fyi.