Monday, June 10, 2013

the Avengers: Skrull Soldier

Last summer's the Avengers movie was the summer blockbuster most of us fans were hoping that it be.  Of course Hasbro was going to try and cash in with their own series of action figures.  As with the previous two series of Iron Man figures & the Captain America series, the Avengers had figures based on both the movie designs as well as the comics.  I opted to stay away from the movie stuff only because I'm not made of money and just pick up the occasional comic figure.  Over the last handful of years I've grown to really like and appreciate what Marvel has done with their cosmic characters and the stories.  From Annihilation to Realm of Kings to War of Kings and eventually the whole Thanos stuff, the cosmic stuff has had me hooked.  All that said I was excited when I saw that a cool looking Skrull had made it in the Avengers series.

Skrull Warrior photo GoShooterProjectandYardsellr010.jpg

At first glance I loved the figure.  I could tell this Skrull looked like he ate more of his veggies as he seemed "thicker" than the previously released Skrull in the Marvel Universe line.  I wasn't sure what to make of his double-blade axe weapon, but I gave him a chance.

Skrull Warrior photo GoShooterProjectandYardsellr011.jpg

The Skrull Soldier was released in the 2nd wave (?) and most people were actively looking for the Scarlett Johansson Black Widow figure and to some lesser degree, Hawkeye.  At first this figure seemed plentiful, then the supplies started to dry up.  Were fans possibly troop building?

Skrull Warrior photo GoShooterProjectandYardsellr013.jpg

Skrull Warrior photo GoShooterProjectandYardsellr012.jpg

While the included axe weapon looks a little big in the Skrull's hands, it's not a horrible looking weapon.  Although when I think of Skrulls I don't think of them using melee weapons...Super Skrull aside.  The axe can also conveniently be stored on his back, a feature I love.

Skrull Warrior photo GoShooterProjectandYardsellr015.jpg

The blades from the axe can be removed and used for a more hand to hand style combat.  The center of the axe blade has a handle for a figure to grip.  I assume the axe handle can double as a spear type weapon.

Skrull Warrior photo GoShooterProjectandYardsellr017.jpg

Skrull Warrior photo GoShooterProjectandYardsellr016.jpg

I much prefer the new headsculpt over the Skrull that was first released in the Marvel Universe series.  While the blue and purple armor may not suit everyone, I still prefer it over the MU's costume.  It may not be comic accurate, but as I said in my intro the Avengers Skrull just looks beefier.

Skrull Warrior photo Yardsellr011.jpg

Do you like the MU Skrull better, but like the Avengers headsculpt?  No problem!  Thanks to the construction of these figures the head simply pops off exposing the ball joint underneath.  Switch the two heads and now you have a more traditional looking Skrull to take on the Fantastic Four or any other Marvel hero.

Skrull Warrior photo GoShooterProjectandYardsellr014.jpg

If you are a fan of Skrulls, cosmic characters or just a big Marvel fan in general then this is a great figure to own.  He blends in well with figures from any of the Marvel movies and with the Marvel Universe series.  Who knows, perhaps this figure's inclusion in the Avengers line of toys is a pre-cursor of what is to happen in Avengers 2?!


  1. I didn't even realize that Hasbro had done the Skrulls! I thought they were still doing the Chituari. Great looking figure.

    1. The Skrull is part of the 'comic series' of figures.

  2. Yeah your right! I used to see these on the pegs all the time but now I haven't seen one in months.

    1. My guess is people are troop building them.