Friday, June 7, 2013

Rock Lords: Narliebat & Narlielion

You don't have to be a fan of Rock Lords to have seen the toys of their "pets", the Rock Narlies.  The Narlies can still be found in new, unopened packaging online for reasonable prices.  What some people don't know is there was a 2nd series of Rock Narlies.  These critters very rarely pop up on eBay and when they do, they tend to be a little pricey.

Years ago I found a UK dealer that had two of the 3 Narlies from series 2 and I scored them each for a song.  I actually don't remember what I paid for them now, but I'm pretty sure I grabbed both for less than $20 shipped.

Narliebat photo Narliebat.jpg

Narliebat looks really nice.  From the sharp teeth to the big pointed ears (hidden in the blue green fur).  If you pull up the fur you can see molded wings on each side.  I was a little disappointed to see that the tip of the tail had been snapped off when I pull Narliebat out of the shipping box.

Narlielion photo Narlielion.jpg

Narlielion is one of my favorite Narlies.  The lion head/face features a great sculpt and unlike Narliebat, Narlielion's tail is fully intact.

You have to be a hard core Rock Lords fan to really appreciate these toys.  I liked them as a kid and I still find them fascinating today as an adult.


  1. I think Rock Lords are unfairly criticized. They were pretty nifty figures for their time with a somewhat novel concept. Great post. Have you seen the newer Mattel ones?

    1. MOTU "Rock Lords" can't touch the originals!

  2. I sort of remember these guys from back in the day.

  3. Replies
    1. Not familiar w/ Rock Lord Narlies?! Perhaps I'll do another post better explaining what they are and how their gimmick works.

  4. I agree with Heroic on this one. Wha? Sadly though I kind of remember them. Do they have an articulation or action features? Or are they just solidly moulded pieces.

    I have a soft spot for Rocklords though, so, nice find :3