Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Twinstrike (Cyberverse)

I recently decided to purge 99% of the various Cyberverse toys from my collection, but there are few I'm keeping and this is one of them.

Twinstrike photo 008_zpsf2722c37.jpg

Twinstrike photo 009_zpsf7cbfdf8.jpg

For long time Transformers fans it's easy to see that Twinstrike here is really the G1 Terrorcon, Sinnertwin.  I'm guessing Hasbro has lost the rights to yet another G1 name, this the new name.  Twinstrike however fits the character so no complaints here.  I had heard that the Terrorcons would be released in a Target exclusive giftset as Abominus, but I had no idea they would also be released individually.  Later I saw that the Target set featured translucent plastic...which on these guys I just don't care for, so that makes me even happier to have this stand alone version.

Twinstrike photo 010_zpsa0d36ef0.jpg

I gotta say this is one cool little toy.  Hasbro absolutely nailed the colors when it comes to matching his G1 self.  The updated look makes him look even fiercer than before.  Now I just need to find a little Decepticon symbol sticker to fit over that Predacon symbol and his look will be complete!

Twinstrike photo 012_zps9d9fa97a.jpg

It it just me or do a lot of the new Transformers come with melee type weapons instead of guns?  I grew up playing with toy guns and I turned out normal...well kind of.  Anyhow, Sinnertwin Twinstrike comes with his trusty Piston Hammer.  It's not bad, but it's not a gun either.

Twinstrike photo 011_zps3e92940d.jpg

Before we get to his beast mode, let's see how he compares to his G1 self.  Shorter, check.  Less screw holes on the front, check.  Spot on colors check.  More articulation, check plus.  As much as I love G1, I also love seeing these classic characters from my childhood re-imagined and upgraded with today's toy making technology.

Twinstrike photo 013_zpsf7aacee9.jpg

I know the whole Predacon theme in Beast Hunters is dragons, but I refuse to call Twinstrike a dragon.  He looks more like a cerebus in my opinion, albeit a mean and evil robotic cerebus.  There is a good bit of poseability in this small figure.  Hinge joints comprise the "elbows and knees" and the back feet are attached via ball joints.  Sadly the 2 necks aren't articulated, but I imagine it to be possible if this was a deluxe sized figure.

Twinstrike photo 014_zpscafee14d.jpg

Twinstrike photo 015_zps6a8ebd81.jpg

I can't wait to find the other 4 Beast Hunter versions of the Terrorcons and merge them all together to form Abominus.  Twinstrike on all accounts is an excellent Cyberverse figure and one that I just couldn't part with.


  1. I must say this one and the Cyberverse Bulkhead really has caught my interest and I was clueless on the fact that you can combine these Terrorcons which is neat.

    1. Finding the others so I can combine them has been the tricky part. So far the only other one I have is Hun-Gurrr.

  2. Spotted this chap in a local shop recently, going to have to pull the trigger on him. Love the look of him, a great homage!