Thursday, June 6, 2013

Micro Machines: Travel City Bridge

Several years ago my wife and I found a bunch of the original Galoob Micro Machines on clearance at Toys R Us.  Growing up playing with die-cast cars, including Micro Machines, I couldn't pass up the opportunity at buying the discounted play sets.  For years these just sat in the top of the fact they are still there sitting.  However when I had to move my toy room to another room in our home I came across these forgotten pieces.

Travel City photo 035.jpg

Travel City photo 036.jpg

My original idea for those sets was to build my own Micro Machines city.  What kid didn't dream of doing that back in the day?  So I set out to look online for other smaller sets to add to all of these that were yet to be opened.  My searches yielded all sorts of results, but the only thing that popped up that I fondly remembered were the fold and go style Travel City sets.

Travel City photo 031.jpg

I found this Travel City set, simply called 'Bridge', in it's original box for super cheap.  Inside the box was even an additional two Micro Machine vehicles not originally included.  While the Travel City sets were lots of fun, especially if you owned multiple sets, this set in particular always made me scratch my head.  I don't remember seeing any other sets that contained water.  As you can see the water goes all the way to the edge of the square platform making it hard to use this piece with the traditional city themed sets.

Travel City photo 037.jpg

If you aren't already familiar with the Travel City sets, the whole idea of them was that you can disassemble the set and fold it up so you can take your fun with you wherever you go.  All of the pieces are supposed to fit inside the platform when folded in half.  However sometimes you have to arrange every piece just right in order to get the thing closed!

Travel City photo 032.jpg

Travel City photo 033.jpg

While this set may not be the most exciting, there are a few play elements going on here.  First off the bridge itself does lift up my pressing the yellow tab that extends out the toll area.  There are also three little docks that you can park the included boat at.

Travel City photo 034.jpg

As a stand alone set it leaves a lot to be desired and there are much nicer sets to acquire first, but I suppose if you want a large Travel City diorama then I'm sure you could find a place to work in the Bridge.

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