Wednesday, June 19, 2013

LEGO Legends of Chima: Wakz' Pack Tracker #70004

As much as I like the lion and eagle / raven groups of Chima figures, the wolves were the group that intrigued me the most.  When I saw this set I knew it was one of the first sets I'd buy.  How can you not like the resemblance of the wolf in this 4WD off road vehicle?

Wakz Pack Tracker #70004 photo 023_zps6cbdb7c4.jpg
Wakz Pack Tracker #70004 photo 024_zps18120812.jpg

I haven't built a lot of non-City themed sets so I found this a very enjoyable build.  I'm always surprised at how the designers come up with new uses of existing bricks to come to a particular outcome or look.  I'm also still not use to all the moving pieces that modern day LEGO sets feature.  As a kid the toys were mostly static, so with some many "action features" worked into the toys is very appealing to me.  Obviously the Pack Tracker is modeled after wolf's head and the designers absolutely nailed it.  The mouth opens to show off the large white teeth, you can position the "eye brows" however you wish, rotate the large flame spewing engines, fire the rocket or activate the chain claw on the back.  And did I mention the real working suspension?  Awesome.

Wakz Pack Tracker #70004 photo 026_zps65db9001.jpg

Wakz Pack Tracker #70004 photo 025_zpsf7c5488d.jpg

Wakz himself can sit in the driver seat located just behind the "eye brows" while his partner, Winzar can man the rotate rocket launcher.  Like most modern LEGO sets, the rocket can launch just by pressing the end.

Wakz Pack Tracker #70004 photo 019_zps36a52572.jpg

Also included in the set is the eagle, Equila.  The back of the box shows her being captured by the chain claw on the back of Pack Tracker as she tries to steal the Chima crystal.  I love how Wakz and Winzar differ in color, even though they both wield the same swords.  The three large claw marks across the face of Winzar is a very nice touch.  For $30 you get a fantastic mid-sized vehicle and 3 minifigures which is an awesome deal in my book.  I've got several more sets that I still need to build so keep your eye out for the next Legends of Chima post.

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